Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I drink the Big Conference Kool-Aid

Alright, I'll admit it. I have loved this NCAA Tournament. Yeah, that's right. It's all about the chalk baby.

Now I don't want to sound completely insensitive to the smaller schools, so I'll acknowledge that it is exciting when a team like George Mason makes a run to the Final Four. That being said, didn't we all know that there was no way that GM was going to win it all last year? Sure we did. You can pretend like you had hope, but no one realistically thought that a team from the Colonial had a shot of winning the title. If you say you truly believed this, you are lying...plain and simple.

While we're at it, let's go ahead and give Xavier credit. They took OSU to the wire before gagging it away at the end. Also, mad props to VCU. Anyone who can take out Duke deserves a little love.

Now that we have that out of the way, let's examine the Sweet 16 this year. The biggest seed left was the 7th seeded UNLV Runnin' Rebs, and many people felt that they should have been seeded better. As opposed to years past when everyone was still living the dream of some double digit seed going all the way, this year we got all the riff raff out of the way early (yes, including my beloved Kentucky Wildcats...more on that later). Instead, this year we were left with 16 teams, all of whom legitimately could have made a run to the title.

And what did we see this past weekend.....GREAT GAMES! We didn't have to suffer through another 13 seed getting dally-whapped by a #1 in the Sweet 16. We didn't have to put up with a 14 seed become a feel good story on weekend one, only to get annihilated in weekend two.

Do you realize that of the eight games in the sweet 16, the largest margin of victory was 10 points? Three games were settled by just one point. To quote Gus Johnson "THIS IS MARCH MADNESS!"

Now onto the Final Four. I hate Ohio State, but I still think having them in the final four makes it worth watching. Greg Oden, arguably one of the greatest freshmen ever, is alive and well in the big dance. The defending champs are there, as are the runner-ups from last season. Plus you have a Georgetown team that is scary good at times, and just plain scary at other times. I honestly have no idea who will win either of the two games this weekend, and that's what makes it exciting. Give me a #1 vs. #2 every year, because that's the best basketball. Sure George Mason was a good story, but the best basketball is what I want to see.


Okay, as the resident nut-job UK fan that posts on this site, I must weigh in on Tubby Smith's departure, and the future replacement. First of all, as a UK fan, I sort of feel guilty for the fan base and how they sometimes treat their coaches. That being said, I am not sad Tubby left. It was a marriage between a coach and a program that had gone sour. Tubby didn't like the pressure, but at UK, there is no way to avoid it. That's something you should know when you sign on the dotted line.

That being said, for anyone who wants to rip UK fans for how they treat Tubby, let's examine how Brian Gregory has been treated by some UD fans, even some who post on this board. UD went to two straight NCAA tournaments, but haven't been back since Gregory's first year. People are claiming that "yeah he got there, but it was with Purnell's players." UD fans grew accustomed to being a top team in the A-10 for a few years, and are sick that they aren't anymore. It also angers some that Xavier has distanced themselves from UD.

Now let's go back to UK. Wildcat fans got used to the Final Four (3 straight years from 96-98), but they haven't been there since Tubby's first year. People said "Yeah he won, but with Pitino's players. And UK fans grew accustomed to being in the Final Four and don't feel like the winningest program in college basketball should have a stretch of 9 years without a Final Four appearance. Plus, Florida has emerged as the best team in the SEC, and UK fans don't like that.

See, the similarities are there. They are just on different scales.

(In case you are wondering, I think Billy Donovan will leave Florida and come to UK, setting off a huge coaching carousel. But let's wait and see what happens).

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Another One Bites the Dust

I thought about titling this "Another One Bites the Des," but then I realized I'm not Mike Giangreco so I refrained. Anyway, rumors are a-flying that UD big man Desmond Adedeji will not be a Flyer come the beginning of the 2007-08 season and that he may transfer as soon as the end of the academic year.

Some are saying nothing is for certain as of yet while others are calling this a "done deal." Meanwhile, through nothing more than hearsay and rampant speculation, I've heard Charles Little is unhappy with Big Des' impending transfer and the state of UD's program in general. Little, allegedly, even went as far as to write, "...god blessed me with the ability 2 hoop then he cursed me by sending me 2 play for brian gregory" in his AOL Instant Messager away message.

Finally, a third -- and even less likely to be true -- rumor has me downright confused. I've been told that Andres Sandoval is planning to go to Europe this summer where he will complete all requirements necessary to receive a college/university diploma. Then he will stay overseas in hopes of playing professional ball instead of rejoining the Flyers for what would be his senior season of college hoops.

First, I have a few thoughts on the Des transfer, which seems the most likely to be true. As far as stats, playing time and on-court impact, it's hardly a sizeable loss. (Get it, sizeable? Because he's really big.) But this goes back to my "To Cripe or Not To Cripe?" entry. I just don't think it's a very good policy to have where you are constantly forcing players' hands. It's one thing if a guy says to himself, "Well my opportunity to play and contribute here has come and passed. Maybe it's time to move on." It's quite another if the head coach or his staff is threatening the player with a lack of minutes in hopes that he will do just that.

Meacham, Alvarez, Cripe, Stafford, Des and maybe Andres. Add to that Little's "cursed" comments and Plummer's off-season DUI. I'm not saying I blame BG for all of this crap, but ... six players in four seasons? Come on, we can't continue to give Gregory a free pass, can we?

As far as Little's comments go, I run the risk of contradicting myself here, but I have three things:

1) I'm not sure how much basketball ability you were blessed with, homey. Your career free throw percentage is in the low-50s, and I've never seen you score from outside six feet. More like blessed with incredible raw athleticism and a 42-inch vertical. Or, in terms you can understand, ability 2 jump real high and 2 run real fast.

2) You feel like you were cursed to play for Brian Gregory? Correct me if I'm wrong, but you chose to come to UD and play for him. You could have been at Boston College fetching Gatorade for Jared Dudley all season. I'm not sure exactly why we're supposed to feel sorry for you (unless BG asked/persuaded/urged/forced your best friend to transfer to a different school. Then your gripe is legitimate.)

3) I, like many others, am probably making way too much of this. This is probably a throw-away comment borne out of frustation -- either at Des' departure, a disappointing season or a combination of the two. Unfortunately for Charles, Internet geeks like myself got wind of his AIM away message and made into a bigger deal than it is. What's more, maybe a little frustration is a good thing. It shows that Chuck cares at least, and being passionate about your team and teammates certainly isn't a bad thing.

Regarding the Sandoval thing, well ... ya got me. I remember him playing exactly one good game this season, a few average ones and several really poor ones. How he thinks he can be successful playing pro ball in Europe is beyond me. Can't think of any reason he'd be in a hurry to leave or wouldn't want to take full advantage of another year of college ball. That's why I feel like this one isn't really going to happen.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Fuck Xavier

I don't know if you watch South Park, but there is an episode where Cartman has this guy's parents killed. Then he makes it so the guy eats his parents in a chili cookoff. When the kid cries about it, Cartman licks his tears and talks about how sweet they taste and how they're the "tears of unfathomable sadness."

I felt like Cartman when Xavier lost. They were less than 10 seconds from a gigantic win, only to have their hearts broken. I wish I could only taste the tears of Xavier fans today.

Sunday, March 11, 2007


At least the NIT selection show didn't drag it out as long as the NCAA show.

Flyers not in the field.

Friday, March 9, 2007

We Think It..It Happens

Dreams do come true after all. Hold your breath for this one..

There really is an NIT selection show.

Even bettter it's on ESPN2 at 9pm.

Get your brackets ready..in fact I'm bringing the resolution to the table for an NIT bracket challenge. If you want in, say so in the comments section.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Welcome To The Bubble

The NIT bubble. Yes this is what we as Dayton Flyers get to sit on pins and needles for..a possible NIT bid. What has happened in 4 years? Talk amongst yourselves..there's your topic.

In the meantime, root for small conference regular season champs to win their tourney too, so it keeps bids open and gear up on popcorn and soda for the NIT Selection Show on CSTV.

..alright I made the last part up about the selection show. But for the record..I would have watched.

A-10 Quarterfinal vs. Xavier Game Thread

You know what's cool? Getting another shot at Xavier.

You know what's better? This one means a lot more than the other two.

I firmly believe the Flyers can win this game. So do Sammy Smith, Kimmie Gibbler, Dave Coulier, Al Sicard and the D-Zone guy.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

We're Over 1,000!

Yes, we've hit a milestone..our humble little blog, conceived in a car, while half-naked with a blanket has over 1000 views. Ok I maybe responsible for 100 of them..and there's 8 of us contributing..so let's say we're all responsible for 100 of them, which is 800..so 200 unique views not by us!

Alright..alright subtract siblings and other related people (which is probably 75 to humor us)..so 125 of you are out there!!

Well..let's subtract Bucky Albers, Bucky Bockhorn, Larry Hansgen, Doug Harris, Darnell Hoskins, Al Sicard, Mark Jones, James Cripe, Chris Alvarez, Jason Osbourne (remember him?), the Doliboa twins from Wright State, Paul Biancardi, Mike Hartsock, former Xavier player Kevin Frey and..well of course Sammy Smith..so that gives us, let's see carry the 2.....27! 27 strangers..or shall we say new friends that have looked at our blog.

So from all of us here at Peanut Butter & A Blanket..thank you 27 visitors..yes this includes the 3 people who thought this was something about the NHL's Philadelphia Flyers, the 2 who are Jif Peanut Butter enthusiasts and those 4 people who thought this was a "Peanuts" blog about Linus.

For the record Peanuts' Linus Van Pelt (no relation to Scott) is a noted Dayton Flyer fan

I want Xavier

"We want Xavier."

That was the faint chant by UD fans (according to Doug Harris of the DDN) at the end of this afternoon's game against Charlotte in the first round of the Atlantic 10 Tournament in Atlantic City, N.J.

Let me echo it: I want Xavier too.

Unlike several of my esteemed "All-Stars" here at PB&B, I am a Dayton native. I've grown up hating Xavier all of my 25-plus years. I didn't just start hating them when I started as an undergrad on the corner of Stewart and Brown. David West may be my most-hated Muskie, but I've hated others before him – Brian Grant, Tyrone Hill, Aaron Williams, etc. I used to watch the Crosstown Shootout between X and UC, and I'd be cheering for neither team. I'd be cheering for compound fractures.

I hate Xavier like a fat kid hates exercise. I hate Xavier like Richard Simmons hates vaginas. I hate Xavier like an Ohio State fan hates Michigan (Wait, I'm that too...). Nothing angers me more than the thought of not only Xavier making the NCAA Tournament this season, but also Wright State. UD needs to make a run. If not the NCAAs, at least get into the NIT.

Tomorrow's a huge day for the Flyers program. Fans at the Cintas Center were chanting "Not our rival" at the end of the UD game earlier this season. It is simply not acceptable to let that stand. It is not acceptable to lose to Xavier three times in one year. Let them keep the stupid Blackburn-McCafferty Trophy. Send them back to Cincinnati. Shut their fans up. Restore some pride to the UD program.

I don't want to see this again. Below is a picture I found of Xavier fans storming the court at UD Arena after the Muskies won the A-10 in Dayton a few years ago.
This is simply not OK. And it cannot stand. I'm begging BG – Make UD's players know how much this game means. The second half against Charlotte was hopefully a turning point. I thought they weren't coming back from a seven-point deficit at halftime.

I'm really hoping that I won't be disappointed tomorrow. I'm hoping this is the start of better times for UD. Dayton is too good a basketball school with passionate basketball fans to accept mediocrity. The gap between UD and Xavier has grown too much in recent years, but that can change tomorrow.

Here's hoping our patron saint can deliver us a huge win Thursday.
In Sammy We Trust.

Ready for tomorrow already

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

A-10 Tourney Game Thread

Main Entry: mad·ness
Pronunciation: 'mad-n&s
Function: noun
1 : the quality or state of being mad: as a : RAGE b : INSANITY c : extreme folly d : ECSTASY, ENTHUSIASM
2 : any of several ailments of animals marked by frenzied behavior; specifically : RABIES

If Charles Little wants to be frothing at the mouth at noon, that would be good for us.

By the way, I may be alone in this, but back when the tournament was in Dayton, I always thought the noon game on Wednesday was the really crappy game, always between bad teams.

And now we're here. Sweet.

We need to make a run.

It's Tourney Time...

This is one of the best weeks to be a sports fan. The conference tournaments heat up this week. Baseball's spring training is in full swing. Even the NHL is heading into the stretch, for those of us (like myself) who enjoy hockey.

Anyway, since UD winning the Atlantic 10 conference tourney is a long-shot at best, I thought I'd bring out the big guns. Yes, that photo above is of the blog's namesake. I can't take credit for creating this image, but some who post on this blog do know who originally made this masterpiece.

So consider posting this photo a good luck charm. The Flyers will need it. May Sammy's Blessings rain down on us all.

Monday, March 5, 2007

Someone wake me... tell me the season was a bad dream...


The coaches have voted and UD's star player, Brian Roberts, has been named to the All-Atlantic 10... second team? The guy had 18+ points per game; that's five more every night than first-teamer and all-around complete Xaverian doofus, Justin Doellman. I guess they were rewarding Doellman for his stellar blocking ability, knocking away 34 this season (a number pitifully small compared to UMass's Stephane Lasme, who, listed just below Doellman, swatted a meager 154).

You should know before reading any further that, upon seeing Doellman's name on the first team, I knew that this year's list was valuable only for ridicule.

What makes this all the more mind-boggling is that Temple's Dionte Christmas (the A-10's leading scorer at 20.5 ppg) joins Roberts on the second team. So the first- and second-leading scorers in the conference aren't on the first team. "But who is the third-leading scorer?" you ask. Why it's Charlotte's De'Angelo Alexander at 17.7 points per game. And like you'd think, given its inherent poetry, the third leading scorer ended up on the all-conference third team. Rashaun Freeman of UMass is the first on the scorers' list to make it to the first team. The forward had 17.2 points per game and more fouls than the officials could keep track of.

The word "forward" should get you thinking now. You'll notice that there were five of them on the first team... 6-8, 6-9, 6-9, 6-8, 6-9. They're all great players, but last I checked, it's called a first "team" and putting together and offense with five guys of those heights would be pretty ridiculous (alsmost as ridiculous as BG's weave). The second team is at least a little more divided and the third team is five guards. Let's play the third team against the first and see if Lasme can get 154 blocks in a single game. Speaking along those same lines, I'd like to see Roberts and the second team take on the first team. I'm calling the b-list an eight-point favorite.

There was at least one bright spot on this, the A-10's latest attempt to pretend to be a real conference: Charles Little was named "The Sixth Man of the Year." There isn't a harder-working guy on Dayton's team and I think you'd be hard-pressed to find one in the entire conference.

Now that I've ended on a positive note, let us gaze hopelessly into the future toward a conference tournament in which we will likely go winless and another spring in which we'll all be sitting around watching other people's favorite teams. In conclusion, I give you an appropriate paraphrase from one of my favorite sports movies...

BG (to his players): I want you to hear my philosophy. It'll do you some good. Here it is: This is a simple game. You dribble the ball. You pass the ball. You shoot the ball. You got that?!
Sandoval (frightened): Yes.
BG: Are you guys aware that you are about the biggest buncha bums ever, sitting at... what are we?
Bucky: Eighteen and eleven.
BG: How'd we ever win 18 games?
Bucky: It's a miracle.

Saturday, March 3, 2007

St. Louis Game Thread

The Chinese characters at the bottom say "Go Flyers!"

St. Louis Prediction

Actually, I really don't like the way the Flyers match up with the hated Billikens. But c'mon, it's Senior Night, it's the last home game of the season, and the Flyers are riding a - wait for it - one game winning streak! How can I pick against our boys in this one?

UD 58 - SLU 55

Posting While Tired Might Be A Bad Idea

Well, since UD plays Saint Louis Saturday, and I've already done a Know The Flyers' Foe on the Billikens, I thought I'd do something a little different. Since the conversation before, during and after the Temple game sometimes went to Full House, I thought I'd take a look at who some Flyers look like.

It's more than kind of lame, but this can be interactive. Feel free to suggest your own in the comments or add them yourself.

Without further ado...

Monty Scott as Eddie Winslow: We start off with a character on the show Family Matters, played by Darius McCrary (thanks, imdb.com!). Monty looks more like older Eddie, but this photo of Eddie is much funnier. The other similarity is that neither are that good, and by next year, they'll both be forgotten.

Norman Plummer as Wayne Brady: You see the names and they don't match. But the goatees kind of make them look similar. Norman will never win a daytime Emmy, nor will he in fact have to choke a bitch. He'd be more popular if he did though, say Justin Doellman for example.

Brian Roberts as Baby Sinclair: See, now I know I'm lame for knowing the name of the baby on the TGIF cult hit Dinosaurs, but I'm sorry – Brian kind of looks like Baby. Maybe it's the lack of sleep making me realize this.

Nick Stafford as Judy Winslow: Yes, it's another Family Matters character. And, yes, Judy is a girl. But like Judy after the first season of the show, Nick will not be back after this season. Hopefully Nick will not get into porn after leaving UD though. I'd hate to think we'd have to rename the blog after thinking of PB&B.

Finally ... Desmond Adedeji as Fat Albert: Yeah, this really wrote itself.

An addition, by Stonemill:

London Warren as an airplane: It's uncanny, really. If this jet is in Jacksonville, the similarities are even more pronounced.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Thoughts and Reactions from Temple

Live from the Liacouras Center...ok live-on-tape for all our broadcasting majors it's Dayton and Temple from the Liacouras Center. Now I realize I promised a running diary, but after thinking about it..I would be too emotionally involved to keep an accurate account, so I thought I would offer some thoughts about the center, the game and other musings.

- The Liacouras Center is in beautiful..ok scratch that..it's in Philadelphia. Let's put it this way there are Temple security guards on many of the street corners...feeling really safe. Parking is attached by a garage and a walkway where you don't have to enter the streets of Philadelphia if you don't want.

-The center itself is actually the entire student center. The basketball arena itself is technically in the basement of the center, it seats 10,500 give or take a few hundred Santa snowball pegging fans.

-Above 13 of the sections are the team names for all the Atlantic-10 schools. Xavier has the smallest section..I chuckle. The Flyers are under Section 211..I'm already doubting my seat selection as it's not there.

-Food prices..not bad $2.50 for a hot dog, but what I don't understand is that a pretzel is $3. How is a pretzel $3? No sir I don't like it.

-It's senior night..and I lied, John Chaney is there. After all the 2 seniors were his recruits. I will say this you wouldn't know it was Chaney, he looks like he just got back from the $3.99 Grand Slam Breakfast at Denny's.

-Wishing Denny's was a concession stand and they sold the Grand Slam breakfast.

-It's Greek Night at the Liacouras Center, all fraternities and sororities are out, there's t-shirts shot into the stands and the Owls took all their last names and ended them in "Opolous". Alright the last part is untrue.

-Looking at the banners you almost forget that Temple is only 7 years removed from an Elite Eight run and the days of Mark Macon. Sadly, no banner for Pepe Sanchez.

-Dayton misses 4 layups in a span of 2 minutes to begin the game. I lost my appetite for the Grand Slam breakfast.

-Nice to see Temple honoring the women's fencing team during a media timeout..at least Temple had a good year in something. More impressive is that I'm pleased with myself that I remembered the actual name for the sword they use..it's an epee if you're keeping score.

-Somehow Dayton closes the half with a 10 point lead..thanks to Temple sticking with an offense of take a shot and not follow it for a rebound.

-Halftime show: Cheerleaders vs. Sororities in basketball..I like it.

-I've decided that they need to spice up the A-10 yearly awards. Brian Gregory wins the award for "coach most likely to tackle an opposing player on the break to prevent a basket." On the other hand Fran Dunphy wins the "I look like I just got to the arena five minutes before the game, since I was at my day job as an insurance adjuster."

- I just silently chanted here we go insurance adjusters..here we go. Clap Clap.

-WHAT??! London Warren..A Dunk on the Break! Over a guy 6 inches taller! It was as good as Larry and Bucky probably described it. It reminded me of John Starks' dunk over Jordan and Horace Grant...ok not that good, but I was excited.

-Full court press by Temple..Dayton can't get the ball in. Clearly the Flyers are not in the D-Zone.

-Ok seriously inbounds plays at the next practice guys..call up your local state farm agent Al Sicard. If he can teach kids the zone, he can work wonders with an inbounds.

-Whew Dayton escapes..and all 36 Dayton fans (yes I counted) can go home happy.

To Cripe or Not to Cripe?

Cripe [‘krIp] noun – an extremely tall, slow, Caucasian basketball center, who is awkward and uncoordinated to varying degrees and is not usually a very adept or skilled player.

-Synonyms – oaf, ogre, giant, ruffian

-Usage – Huelsman has the potential to be our best cripe yet.

-Retroactive Usage – You know, Sean Finn turned out to be pretty damn good for a cripe.

Cripe [‘krIp] verb – to persuade, urge strongly, or convince a basketball player with eligibility remaining not to return to your program.

-Usage – As a redshirt junior, James could have returned to the team for one more season, but the staff criped him and he later transferred.

– If they can successfully cripe Stafford, it would open up one more scholarship for next year’s team.

An announcement was made last week that Nick Stafford would not be returning to the UD men’s basketball team for his final year of eligibility next season, and I’m a little concerned.

Obviously, I’m not concerned about losing Stafford’s 1.1 points and 0.9 rebounds in six minutes played per game. No, I’m concerned about what seems to be a new policy set forth by Brian Gregory and his coaching staff and the message it sends.

That message: Play better and produce more or we’ll be showing you the door.

First, it’s not as if BG and his staff didn’t already have a problem with players transferring. Point guard and star-to-be Trent Meacham left UD for greener pastures when he transferred to Illinois after his freshman season. And forward Chris Alvarez, apparently unhappy over playing time and his role on the team, bid the Flyers adieu after his sophomore year.

Secondly, Stafford’s departure marks the second player Gregory and UD have criped in as many seasons. As I mentioned, I don’t like the message this sends to past, present and future Flyers. BG is effectively stating, “We’ll bring you in and you’ll be one of ‘my guys.’ That is, unless you don’t cut the mustard, then we’ll just convince you to transfer and leave the program.”

My first question is… why would a potential recruit want to come to UD knowing that if he doesn’t evolve in to a marquee player, his scholarship could be revoked before his four years of basketball eligibility are up? My second question: shouldn’t UD worry about keeping the players it wants to keep before they go criping the perceived dead weight?

When Cripe, the original criping victim and namesake of the term, decided (read: was strongly urged) to leave UD, I have to admit I didn’t think much of it for three reasons:

1) Cripe was not one of BG’s guys. Big James was an Oliver Purnell recruit who never really seemed to settle into his role under Gregory. Cripe’s minutes, as well as his output, were in constant flux. He would go from starting center one month to barely getting off the bench the next.

2) James Cripe went to school for four years, walked at graduation and received his degree from the university. This doesn’t seem like that big of a deal, but in a way it is. Cripe got to go through the same progression that a “normal” college kid goes through.

3) For all I know, Cripe’s transfer was a mutual decision. He may have been sick of riding the pine and ready to move on.

As for Stafford, he’s a Gregory recruit. I don’t know whether he will graduate from UD this May or not. Also, keep in mind he was a rare midseason recruit. Stafford came in the middle of the year (both basketball and academics-wise) meaning he has only been at UD for three and a half years and has only been an active Flyer for three basketball seasons. Finally, I can pretty much guarantee that leaving the program was not Nick’s decision. What does he have better to do than stay in college and cheer his teammates on from the bench for one more year?

Actually, now that I put some serious thought into it, who would you rather be than Nick Stafford? If I could trade places with anyone for one year only, I think Stafford would rank pretty high on my list. Think about the advantages…

a) You get to ride the pine and play mop-up minutes for an NCAA Division I hoops team. You’re like 6-8 too so you can dunk in warm-ups and everything.

b) You get a front row seat for every Flyers game, and I bet watching a game from court level in a place like UD Arena is pretty intense. You’re also the guy at the end of the mini-tunnel the players make in pre-game introductions, so you get to chest-bump Little and B-Rob when they announce the starting line-ups. That probably gets you pretty jacked up.

c) You get to stay in college longer, and if there’s anything better than college, it’s … FREE college!

d) You can deceive drunk chicks into thinking you’re one of the good b-ball players. “So ladies, you know I play power forward on the basketball team…”

But no, Stafford got criped and he got criped bad. By all accounts, Stafford was – if not a good player – a good guy. He was a team chemistry guy, more encouragement and congratulations for teammates than rebounds and blocked shots.

As I said, it’s not so much about Nick Stafford the individual as it is the context of this whole thing. The apparent new policy and the message it sends for the future. “If you’re a UD player and you don’t contribute, we’ll help you explore other options.

Is it really worth it? I always thought when a player commits to come to a university, the university makes the same commitment to that player in return.

In business, it’s all about the bottom line. Apparently, in collegiate athletics, it’s all about wins and losses. Points and rebounds. Sure, bringing in a top-notch recruit might mean more wins next season than a sparingly-used senior forward. Heck, it might even mean playing in a postseason tournament for a change. But is it worth it?

It probably is until you the day comes when UD loses a potential recruit to a smaller D-I school. All I know is if I’m Desmond Adedeji and next February or March I get called into a “meeting” with Brian Gregory and the rest of the coaching staff, I’d be very concerned. After all, nobody wants to be the next to get criped.

*Special thanks to Tim Frecker, who was the first to use the word “cripe” as a verb. Without him, this blog entry would not have been possible.