Saturday, January 12, 2008

I love powder blue

I also love "Kickin' it old school."

This is the image that hits you when you go to Apparently, the Flyers are wearing alternate powder blue jerseys against UMass and throwback jerseys Jan. 30 against St. Louis.

I was unaware of this until today, but I am extremely excited, far more excited than I should be. I always dreamed (seriously, I did) of the day the Flyers would add an alternate jersey. I hoped it would be blue. Powder blue is even better.

I'm cooler than you ever imagined.

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Uncreative Commuter said...

I used to love the Marian Blue as an accent color when UD used to use it when I was little.

I was at the Akron game, and they were selling the blue jerseys – for $200. Apparently, they just made enough for the team and after the game people can buy one of the used ones.

They should mass produce them. I would totally get one.