Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Mike Kelly Retires...

Football Coach Led Flyers For 27 Seasons

I know that this blog is almost universally about men's basketball, but I felt this was worth mentioning. It replaces what should have been a post about how great it is to be playing Xavier and how making fun of them is about the best thing I can think to do with my time on any given day.

I know that football is definitely off the radar at UD and, honestly, it probably deserves to be. There's nothing more depressing than attempting to get excited by the phrase, "We're in first place of the Pioneer League." Then again, for those of us that were in the stands when Yale came to town a few years ago, who wasn't as excited as hell that we found a way into that game during the fourth quarter? And who, when standing in line for basketball tickets in Frericks didn't look at the poster for the 1952 Salad Bowl and think, "Yeah, I'm all about heading to the Salad Bowl." Of course, the Flyers lost the 1952 Salad Bowl and waited almost 30 years for their dominance of Division III, resulting in three national titles.

Now, as the Flyers play in relative obscurity, the coach connecting the current era of Division I-AA, non-scholarship, non-playoff, no-fun league games to the glory of D-III national titles is gone. Enjoy your retirement, coach.

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Stonemill said...

Well said. Kelly was a class act.

These days, we're used to coaches succumbing to blind ambition, trading a great situation for more money and more glory, even if it often doesn't come. Kelly could have done the same years ago. Having success at Dayton may not seem that impressive, but it was big success and people took notice. But Kelly recognized that he had a good thing going and embraced it.

Plenty of coaches could stand to learn that lesson.