Monday, January 14, 2008

Missed Dunks

Let me preface a few things before I begin. The title of this semi-weekly (ok really whenever I have time and things come to my head) column is your "Random Musings" or for you Jayson Stark fans "Rumblings and Grumblings" column.

You ask your self, why "missed dunks"? Well, in honor of my namesake, Frank Igoudala, I figured it was appropriate for a couple of reasons.

1) Name how many dunks Frank made in his Dayton career (I can only remember 2 - Midnight Madness and the alley-oop to begin the Rhode Island game during the '03-'04 season....yes the infamous Dustin Hellanga game..I just threw up in my mouth, sorry.)

2) Frank is not the best player in his may have heard of Andre Igoudala of the 76ers, that's Frank's brother. Yes see, the title is a backed to our somewhat regularly schedule column.

Also before I begin, I want to apologize to alll the readers out there wondering, why hasn't Frank contributed? I could blame many reasons, fear of jinxing the Flyers during what is certainly a remarkable run, supporting the writer's strike..but they would be lies, plus those bastard writer's aren't going to give me a new season of 24 this year so why would I be on their side? The simple answer is: I've been busy and slightly lazy. To make up for it, I present to you "Missed Dunks" (Cue Music: Sweet Georgia Brown)

- Is it ok to have a man-crush on Brian Roberts? Seriously, when I talk about games to other people (who clearly don't care), I think I mention his name every chance I get. For example: Brian Roberts scored 30 points and Brian Roberts had 7 assists and Brian Roberts was the player of the week in the Atlantic-10. You could pretty much subsitute his name for Bill Brasky from those SNL skits.

-Who is the woman doing Dayton Flyers television games?? I didn't catch her name during the last online broadcast, but maybe she should cut back her comments, to say..none.

-Watching American Gladiators last night made me think, if we put all of those who have broadcasted Dayton Flyers basketball (and Al Sicard since he's been on TV too) in the past let's say 10 years, on the show, I think Derrick Dukes would win..although Darnell Hoskins would be my sleeper pick. Mike Hartsock and Bucky Bockhorn would be permitted to face the women's gladiators

-Is it bad that I'd like Dayton to schedule teams that former Flyers have transferred to? For instance this year we would play Illinois so we could beat the living snot out of Trent Meachum and next year we would play Stony Brook and own Desmond Adedeji

-Dayton is NOT the 14th best team in hte nation. Don't get me wrong, I'm giddy Dayton is ranked 14th, but I'm realistic. That's not to say I'll still gloat any chance I get.

- Doesn't Jim Baron Sr. (not Jr.) have a slight resemblance to the principal from Ferris Bueller?

- Powder Blue Basketball Uniforms - Good Times!

-$100 for a Mike Kelly autographed throwback uniform - Not Good Times!

(I however would wholeheartedly bid $100 to be the football Offensive Coordinator during a game for Dayton)

-Last, how come we're promoting other A-10 school's blogs, but on their promotion for us? That's ok..we have a Super Bowl Ad!

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Stonemill said...

In retrospect, I'm convinced that the athletic department waited until 2003 to do midnight madness not because OP didn't want to and BG did, but because before Frank Iguodala arrived, no one on the team could dunk.