Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Paula Abdul Was Wrong

Opposites don't attract. For instance a team that's thriving and a new uniform introduced just as they have acheived their highest ranking in 40 years. Paula was quite the lyricist in Dayton Flyers irony, if we continue in her song

"I take 2 steps forward, I take 2 steps back."

Ok, ok I know a little over the top because the Flyers have taken 2 steps forward and maybe a half-step back. Now that the game is almost 2 hours since it's completion, I've been able to gain a level head. Yes, Dayton lost to UMass at UD Arena. Yes, they couldn't make a 3 point shot or a free-throw necessary to save us from calling this "Crap the Bed Wednesday" (this by the way was the alternate title for this post).

COMPLETE SIDE NOTE (skip if you would like to keep reading about the Dayton Flyers)
Wouldn't "Crap the Bed Wednesday" be a better title for ESPN's college basketball coverage? First Big Monday, than Super Tuesday followed by Crap the Bed Wednesday. ESPN can take matchups of teams either playing so well, or playing an inferior opponent after a huge win and highlight them. You can take a team like Butler after they win let's say their Bracketbuster game whomever that may be, and feature them on "Crap the Bed Wednesday" when they play Illinois-Chicago. I'd have the broadcast team revolve their storyline in trying to jinx the favorite. I could elaborate, but I'll move on..

This is still a good team and Brian Roberts had an off night but he's still my quarterback (Sorry, my inner Terrell Owens was coming out..I didn't even know I had an inner Terrell Owens). We knew that the Atlantic-10 would be a scratch and claw kind of league this year..maybe we just weren't ready to cope with it.

Now that we've come back to reality, there are some positives from this game. The Fighting Gregory's were able to come back twice, one of them from a rather large deficit in the 1st half. Teams of the past would have rolled over and died at that point (ie. most Xavier blowouts). This team has moxie, even with their fearless leader (yes a Rocky & Bulwinkle reference too!) being tied up offensively. UD had a chance and even had the lead twice but could not find that killer instinct they've had for most of the season thus far.

Xavier is next, on the road. Sure this may be thought as an automatic loss, seeing Dayton hasn't won at Xavier in roughly 20 years. But this is a different team, and eventually Xavier has to lose to Dayton at home, so why not this year? Plus Xavier was a full fledged participant in "Crap the Bed Wednesday" with their loss to Temple. Let's hope the Flyers focus for next Thursday.

Let's hope they burn the powder blue uni's as well.

I urge everyone to bid on the alternate jersey's when they're up on auction, this way we KNOW they won't somehow end up on our Flyers.

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