Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The perfect storm, etc.

Notes written while noticing eery similiarites between the performance of the PB&aB All-Star Cast the last few days and the performance of the Flyers. I feel we've been a little off our game, all depressed and not prolific and what not. Plus, I'm pretty sure Bearded Flyer, who's got like a 43 inch vertical, forgot this site exists. Super sub Ryan Cabrera is MIA. And I have a sinus infection. So we're pretty much screwed. But we soldier on.

When you consider everything that's gone wrong the last three games, it's kind of astounding. First, Wright's injury sets the stage. Then we wear powder blue. Then Little gets hurt. Then UMass unveiles a defense that can stop Brian Roberts. Then we lose. Then we're a little less confident heading into Xavier. Then Xavier completely demolishes us, further damaging that confidence. Then we have a short rest before going on the road to play Richmond, the kind of team that always kills us. Then they kill us. All the while, the Flyers can't make a shot, Brian Roberts is sick, Kurt Huelsman and Jimmy Binnie are nowhere to be found and we're heading back home to face a team that might be tougher on us than Richmond. Hence the perfect storm.

Somehow, if the Flyers can weather this storm, they'll be better for it. But such things can't be worried about at the moment. UD just needs a win.

The newest bracketology has the Flyers as No. 10 seed. Xavier has rocketed up to a three seed. I can't disagree with either one. Dayton stayed off Lunardi's Last Four In section, so that could be a good sign. I still think the Flyers' struggles have flown under the radar a bit, thanks partially to the lack of TV coverage. So thanks, Linda Bruno, for working that out.

The last time UD and St. Louis met, I did not think that by this time, they'd have the same conference records. The Billikens have been playing extremely well since their loss to the Flyers, with an overtime defeat against Temple the only blemish. Also, Rick Majerus hates Jesus.

So Charles Little apparently practiced on Monday, at least he was supposed to, according to the Dayton Daily News. I have yet to see any sort of post-practice update. Anybody know how it went?

The Flyers were originally scheduled to wear their throwback uniforms tomorrow against St. Louis, but have since changed those plans. No reason is given, but I think it's entirely possible that some superstition is at work. The last time the Flyers wore their regular home uniforms, they shot lights out against Rhode Island. If they can do the same thing tomorrow night, I'm all for forgetting this whole alternate uniform thing ever happened, which would really be a big sacrifice for me, since I have an unhealthy obsession with alternate uniforms.

I will be attending Saturday's game at Rhode Island. I am currently accepting ideas for signs.


Secaur said...

Stonemill is the Brian Roberts of this blog. Undisputed MVP, but even BRob can not do it all by his lonesome.

I am peanut butter & a blanket's Andres Sandoval. More than happy to post crap (shoot wayward threes) but if you have to rely on me (Andres) your blog (team) is in some serious trouble.

Also, I leave comments on everyone else's posts which is annoying -- like fouling a 3-point shooter.

Frank Igoudala Lives! said...

I'd like to think I'm more like London Warren, occasionally providing a spark to the blog, but at times my posts are out of control leaving people wondering, what was he thinking?

As for signs: If you have a woman you're attending the game, you could write and have her hold a sign that says:

Jim Baron Jr., we're having a boy!

Actually, it might even be funnier if a guy was holding it. Yes..I'm going to hell for that one

Recruiting Guy said...

I feel as if I may as well chime in and claim to be the Stephen Thomas of this blog. I'm just kinda here. I occasionally have a good game (solid post) but mostly people just notice that I am in the game and don't really know what I've done (the occasional post or comment with no overwhelming insight). We all need to get in on this.
As far as signs go I like Igoudala's idea about Jim Baron Jr...especially if a guy is holding it.
Another possibility is:
I STILL hate Dustin Helenga!!!