Thursday, January 17, 2008

St. Louis Tops Rhode Island

We're even less alone now.

St. Louis just beat visiting Rhode Island 68-61. That means, in the span of two nights, the A-10's three Top 25 teams have all been upset.

Kind of incredible. I'll be interested to see what the national reaction to this is. If it continues, and teams keep beating each other up, we could have a little problem on our hands. I'm not sure the A-10 has enough equity built up for people to view that kind of balance as a good thing. If the Big East's top teams take a few lumps, the natural inclination is to view the teams dishing out the lumps in a better light. If the same happens in the A-10, the tendency might be to view the team that's taking the lumps in a worse light, and that could certainly have an impact on Selection Sunday.

But that's all hypothetical anyway. I'm just kind of excited about the rest of conference play. I think it's going to be insane.


Secaur said...

Every day is Crap the Bed day in the A10. This is why I thought all along that getting 4 teams into the Big Dance was a stretch. I think the Flyers and (unfortunately) X are in for sure, but either URI or UMass will be left out.


Johnny said...

If you'd asked me, heading into conference play, which team would be unbeaten at this early stage of conference play, there's about a 0:1 shot that I'd have said "Charlotte."