Monday, January 14, 2008

Waiting for the Other Shoe, etc.

Notes written while watching Digger Phelps and Stacey Dales try to get their in-studio chemistry down. (Digger was talking about BRob as one of the candidates for Big Man on Campus so far (he said, incorrectly that BRob was a one-man show) and he said "this kid can make some points." Stacey followed with "Well, if he can make some points . . . Kevin Love . . . he can make some points, too." It was insightful.)

That was, in fact, a parenthetical phrase inside a parenthetical phrase.

Secaur mentioned this in his Rhode Island Review and I thought it was an excellent point. We're waiting for the other shoe to drop. As in, we're waiting for the Flyers to fall back to Earth at some point. I think it's a natural tendency. It's my experience that sports-savvy fans of a particular team tend to underrate their particular team when that team starts to exceed expectations. You almost don't trust them.

In addition to being a Dayton fan, I'm also a Louisville fan. I kept tabs on every second of the football team's ascension into national prominence. But at the beginning of this rise, I had my doubts. I would see Louisville in the Top 25, look around at the other teams and say to myself, "No way could we beat those teams." Eventually, I started believing.

Speaking from this experience, I urge you to start believing earlier, even the natural skeptics among you. It's more fun that way.

(Unless your coach signs like eight contract extensions and goes on and on about how he loves the place and how his kids are all going to graduate high school there but still flirts with every job opening and finally leaves for a job in the pros, where he ultimately embarasses himself and goes back to college, while in the meantime, you've got an idiot for a new coach.)

But start believing.

I watched the Rhode Island-Duquesne game yesterday. Duquesne looked legit. They may have some cupcake wins, but they can play. Shawn James in the middle is as good a center as there is in the A-10. They also go 10 or 11 deep and run constantly. I'm pleased Dayton has them at home.

Also, St. Joe's had quite a first week. Two wins, including one over UMass. They will make some noise.

The newest bracketology has Dayton as a No. 4 seed. Still four teams in from the A-10. Xavier is a five, URI a six and UMass an eleven. URI, meanwhile, stayed in the top 25. One other note from ESPN. In the weekly watch, Reggie Rankin picks UMass over UD as a potential upset. It seems not long ago that the Flyers were on the other side of potential upsets.

Below is Brian Roberts' actual silhouette, as opposed to CBS' stupid unkown player, who's a little thicker in the neck. If it looks BRob only has one ear, it's because he was facing slightly to the right in the photo.

And lastly, if you click on our site meter at the bottom of the page, you'll see that you can see how people arrive at PB&aB, be it by way of a link or, perhaps, a google search. From this, you will see that some anoymous but awesome person arrived here via a google search for "fuck xavier." If you perform that google search yourself, you'll see that we're the first result. We may not have gained much popularity yet, but if you want "fuck xavier," you've come to the right place.

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Secaur said...

Outstanding. One of the best posts ever.

The fact that URI lost to us but did not drop out of the top 25 is pure awesome. Most years, losing to the Flyers is a disgrace to you and your family. This year, it is an honor just to battle us down to the wire and lose. We are a 'quality loss' and, for that, teams do not lose any ground.

On ESPN, that is former BG assistant Reggie Rankin. He knows the Flyers and the A10.

I'm a believer. I'm buying in 100%. If they burn me, that'll really suck but fuck it. You only live once and seasons like this are few and far between.

Oh yeah and also .. fuck xavier.