Sunday, February 24, 2008

Beaten Down

I can't say I'm surprised by what happened. Maybe I was surprised it wasn't worse. Like Secaur, I'm beaten down. I'm tired. Tired of UD teams fading down the stretch. Tired of not even seeing Xavier in the distance anymore because we're so far behind.

I'm just fed up. I'm sick of hearing how things would have been different if Chris Wright had played most of the A-10 season. Guess what? No, it probably wouldn't. They'd still be fading. They would have a slightly better record but they'd still be stumbling towards the finish. Chris Wright isn't going to make them play smarter, rebound better or make free throws.

I was on the fence with Gregory with this being his "make or break" year. It's been clearly a break. He seems to be a good recruiter, but it's time to admit he's not a good motivator or coach. The Flyers have been listless on the road and the fact that they have no basketball IQ is the biggest indictment I can think of. Does anyone really think next year will be any better? Take away Roberts, and what do you have?

It's going to be a long time before UD gets better.

Ugh. I'm just depressed. I was going to say, "Hey, at least baseball season starts soon!" Then I remembered I'm a Reds fan. Shit.

UD is to Xavier as:
• the Washington Generals are to the Harlem Globetrotters
• Michigan football is to Ohio State football
• Hillary Clinton is to Barack Obama (topical humor – right here at PB&B!)
• Logic is to Brian Gregory apologists
• David West is to manhood


Hulk said...

Maybe we should just be happy it was a fairly close game.
And seriously, the free throws are absurd. What is the team's FT% on the season? About as good as Shaq's career %? Real nice.

Uncreative Commuter said...

"Maybe we should just be happy it was a fairly close game."

Unfortunately, that's the type of thing that frustrates me. Since when is it OK to be "happy it was a fairly close game" against your archrival? That's the attitude that allowed mediocrity to reign, which sadly is what's happening here.

Hulk said...

That was meant to be extremely sarcastic. Of course I'm pissed off about losing to X (or anyone for that matter) whether it be close or not.
I was also trying to convey the possible attitude that Brian Gregory might have. It seems like he's content with losing close games. If we'd hit our goddam free throws, we might actually be above .500 in league play.
If I may quote Todd Stotlemyre:
"you think I'm pissed? I'm FUCKIN' PISSED!!!"

Uncreative Commuter said...

My apologies for not getting the sarcasm. I think I'm just used to seeing fans (especially on UD Pride) drinking the Kool-Aid.

If Only said...

For those keeping score, UD's FT % is .641 with opponents shooting .710. And this year's Sean Finn award goes to Little at .488

"I think I'm just used to seeing fans (especially on UD Pride) drinking the Kool-Aid."

Will someone please take away their Kool-Aid already?!

hulk said...

I could shoot fuckin' 70% from the stripe, for chrissake. I swear UD doesn't practice free throws. There's no way a team that practices free throws can shoot 30something % in a game (that one still pisses me off).