Thursday, February 21, 2008

Dayton - La Salle Live Blog

The masses have cried out for it (and by masses, I do mean two people), so I'm here to deliver. It's time to crank 'dat live blog. Incidentally, internet phenom and our newest friend here at the blog has another video out. It's no Crank 'Dat Louisville, but then again sequels never top the original.

By the way, anybody know a good way to abbreviate La Salle? I'm not typing that or 'the Explorers' 25 times tonight. LU? LSU? Back with the live blog in about an hour.

7:00 p.m. - I'm back and not a minute too soon. For the record, I don't really like the way we match up with a team like La Suck. Plus, it's a road game so who knows? Hopefully the Flyers can figure out a way to win this one. Lord knows we need it.

7:06 - Okay so not to jinx it, but I have video for this game. Go to This La Salle play-by-play guy is far too excited and is screaming at the top of lungs, but I'm not one to complain.

7:11 - Holy shit, Roberts is down. Get up. Oh god, this does not look good at all.

7:14 - Looks like he might be alright. B-Rob had to go to the bench, but it's probably not as bad as it looked when he first went down. Sorry to panic.

By the way, this may be the sloppiest game of basketball I've ever seen. It seems like the teams have combined for about 17 turnovers so far. Flyers down 7-4 at the first timeout, London Warren has all four points.

7:19 - B-Rob is back in and looks to be moving okay. Once again, there is streaming video of this game online. Check the 7:06 update for the link.

The La Salle announcer just called one of their players "the Shermanator." American Pie reference. Wow.

7:24 - So you know how I said I'm not one to complain earlier? That isn't true at all; I actually have several. The first is that this play-by-play guy is literally screaming at the top of his lungs on every positive Explorers play. Like a guy will hit a short jumper in the lane and he acts like the Giants won the pennant or something. It's out of control.

My second complaint is the camera work. This broadcast is making WHIO-TV look like a group of seasoned professionals. They keep switching to a camera angle directly under the basket which makes it impossible to see if a shot was made or not. They even dissolved to a new camera when a Flyer was in the act of shooting a couple possessions ago.

Our offense is brutally bad. We've had turnovers, offensive and loose ball fouls and general inept play. La Salle up 14-8.

7:27 - Roberts with a sick no-look dish to Binnie for the easy lay-in. UD within a deuce and La Salle's coach takes an unnecessary 30-second timeout.

7:30 - B-Rob hits a stepback J to tie it. Then an Explorer misses a dunk Frank Iguodala style that ends up in the first row. Our ball.

Can any commenters get me a turnovers stat? The La Salle broadcast team tells me there have been a lot but haven't mentioned any specifics.

7:39 - Wow, a lot going on in this little stretch not the least of which is this La Salle crew quickly becoming my favorite broadcasters in the country. After that missed dunk, the play-by-play guy described it as an attempted "thunder slam." He went on to say the slam was "too posterizing and not enough technique." Oooohhh, so that's why he missed it.

Then a ticky-tack handcheck foul on the Explorers, and the color guy went into a classic rant. Apparently the ref who called it is the same guy who made the bad call at the end of the Georgetown-Villanova game a couple weeks ago. The call wasn't that bad but I'm loving his "he must have thought it was the end of the game" dig. These announcers are great.

London got a breakaway off a steal and threw down a nasty dunk with ease. That kid can get off the floor. That ignites a 7-0 run and the Flyers are up 21-15.

7:41 - London is everywhere. He is scoring, rebounding and assisting. He dished a sweet no-look to a trailing Binnie for an easy two, then he dropped a dime to Roberts for a wide open three. UD went on an 18-3 run to take a nine-point lead.

A La Salle bucket has the score at 26-19 with 2:28 left in the first half.

7:50 - Last possession of the half and the best we can get is a fallaway three by B-Rob. It's off the mark.

My criticisms aside, the Flyers really weathered the turnovers and the sluggish start to put together a nice first half. After not scoring for the first 4:00+ of this game, UD takes a 30-21 lead into the locker room.

That said, La Suck is one of the worst basketball teams I've ever seen. They are atrocious. No reason for the Flyers not to smell blood in the second half and go for the kill. This is one of those games where you need to get up by 20 and rest your starters for the last 5-7 minutes.

8:05 - After an Explorers foul, the play-by-play guys lets out a "Come on!" Awesome. It takes a lot to make Larry Hansgen look impartial and objective.

8:08 - B-Rob is just abusing La Salle defenders. This is disgusting. He's got seven quick points already this half and looks poised to take this game over.

8:10 - I'm deaf from hearing this dude scream "DAR-NELL HAR-RIS!!!" Someone tell him he is not doubling as the arena's PA announcer tonight. Unbelievable.

B-Rob answers a La Salle three with one of his own. No need to guard him this half, La Suck. Really, you'll be fine. Roberts has ten this half, not sure how many on the game. UD up 11 with 16:05 to go.

8:15 - I've got gametracker up and running, so I now have stats. B-Rob has 19 points on the game and UD has 13 assists to seven turnovers. Considering the Flyers were last in the league in A:TO ratio coming into this game, I'll take it.

Roberts gets another wide open look and splashes a three. He's up to 22 points but the Explorers answer with a triple of their own.

8:18 - DAR-NELL HAR-RIS!!! has 17 points of his own including five made threes. I take back everything I wrote up top; this broadcast team is now my least favorite ever.

8:19 - The Explorers are on an 8-0 run to get back within four. This game is far from over. 12:39 left in the second half.

8:22 - Sandoval with back-to-back drives to the hole and he scored both times. His play has been surprisingly not sucky the last half-dozen games or so. The Sand Man has ten, and London is playing well with ten points and five assists.

Some guy named Mbala (no relation to Mbang) dunks to get La Salle within eight at 57-49.

8:29 - Not to get off on a rant, but how is it that some teams the Flyers play still don't double team B-Rob? Have they seen every game UD has lost? If you double him and throw junk defenses at the Flyers all night long, they are extremely beatable. Yet for whatever reason, Temple and La Salle have played straight man-to-man and have singled him virtually all game.

Umm, what the hell Flyers? La Salle got on another little run to cut UD's lead to one. Huelsman scores inside and the good guys are up three at the under 8:00 timeout.

8:33 - Binnie makes a heckuva save to give the Flyers an extra possession. It leads to a Sandoval three to double the lead.

The La Salle color guy chimes in with this on A-Sand: "Where is this guy coming from? 13 today?" We're as surprised as you are, guy. We really are.

8:36 - Kurt airballs a free throw. Always a crowd favorite. Flyers up 63-56.

La Salle dude: "I think it's obvious the Flyers have the killer instinct." This marks the first time this phrase has ever been uttered during a UD road game.

8:40 - Speaking of sentences you'll never hear again, Andres just hit a dagger. Long two and he buried to extend the lead to seven.

Eh, I blame myself for that. As soon as I praise the kid, he throws up a fadeaway three. Airball.

8:43 - As usual, we can't inbound the ball against another team's press. Flyers forced to take a timeout up 65-60 with 1:56 left.

8:45 - Seriously, there are junior high school girls' basketball teams with a better press break than the Flyers run. You've only had five seasons to install an effective press offense, BG. It's cool though. Binnie gets trapped and the Explorers force a turnover.

Luckily, they can't capitalize and turn it right back over. London returns the favor with a charge. Then on the other end, LW grabs a defensive board but is immediately stripped. A La Salle lay-up cuts UD's lead to three.

8:47 - Roberts can't score in the lane, so the Explorers get the ball back in a one possession game. Again, it's worth mentioning that La Salle is one of the most god-awful teams I've ever seen play. They don't even get a shot up before turning it over. UD timeout up by three with 24.9 to play.

8:49 - In the least surprising turn of events ever, Sandoval misses the front end of a one-and-one. La Salle with yet another chance down just three.

Have I mentioned the Explorers are not very good at the game of basketball? A line drive three-pointer hits the backboard only. La Salle gets on the floor for the loose ball and calls a timeout. Still a three-point game with 9.0 left.

8:50 - "The Shermanator" hits a three from the corner. He was wide open due to putrid Flyers defense on the inbounds play. Clutch shot nonetheless. Tie game and timeout UD with 6.0 to go.

8:52 - Roberts lost control of the ball while dribbling up the floor. Jesus Christ. Jimmy Binnie throws up a 30-footer at the horn and it's way off. Overtime. Fuck me.

8:59 - The La Salle color guy tells us that Diaz "couldn't hit a bull in the rear end with a snow shovel." Can't say I was previously familiar with that little proverb.

The Explorers hit a three to start overtime and go up 68-65. It's their first lead of the game since 15-14 in the first half.

B-Rob answers, of course, because he's B-Rob. Sandoval misses another key front end. Two Explorers give them a 70-68 lead.

9:01 - HUGE three from Jimmy Binnie. Sandoval scores in transition to put UD up three. But Paul Johnson answers with a three to tie it back up. Fuck Paul Johnson. I don't know who this guy is, and I already hate him.

Tie game so you go to...? Brian Roberts scores on the drive. After a missed free throw, B-Rob buries an open three. Ouch, La Salle. That probably stings. Brian Roberts winning basketball games is a fun thing to watch. 78-73 UD with 52.8 left in OT.

9:09 - DAR-NELL HAR-RIS!!! says not so fast, Secaur. He hits a three from deep. UD up two.

B-Rob bricks the front end of a one-and-one. That's three missed front ends in a row for the Flyers. And Harris hits yet another three. I feel like I just got punched in the stomach.

Roberts' runner is off the mark. Mbala gets fouled on the rebound with 3.9 seconds left and makes both. B-Rob's last-second three no good. We lose 81-78.

Guess that's what I get for counting my chickens ... and all that. Ugh, what a terrible fucking loss. Are we on the NIT bubble yet?


Johnny said...

I sat down to my computer at about seven minutes past seven. The first words I hear once I get the audio loaded up are, "The Flyers are not off to a good start here." I can always count on Bucky to sum up a series of events with perfect succinctness.

Jake said...

I swear if their announcer yells "DARRRRNELLL HARRIS!!" after another one of his threes, I'll put a fist through my monitor. It's a shame the webcast of 1290 WHIO is about 10 seconds behind the video on cstv.

Jake said...

Well shit I just broke my monitor, ha

this play by play guy sucks

Uncreative Commuter said...

Wow am I getting tired of UD not taking care of business on the road against crappier teams.

Uncreative Commuter said...

How much longer do we have to put up with this shit?

Ugh, I think I just had a seizure.

I can't go to the Xavier game Sunday because I have to work. Now I'm really happy I have a Sunday deadline.

This is seriously the worst season I've ever went through when it comes to UD. I'd rather have them be horrible all season than this shit.

Hulk said...

"I think it's obvious the Flyers have the killer instinct."
First AND most likely last time you'll hear that.

Just now reading the live blog. I like that it is still kind of suspenseful not knowing the outcome, but the ending sucked donkey nutz. Why oh why can we not hit fucking free throws???

Anyway, thanks again for the live blog...even if it is bad mojo.