Thursday, October 30, 2008

Flyers Picked 3rd in the Atlantic 10

Ok so we're a day late and a dollar short with this info, but the venerable Atlantic-10 media (which we are CLEARLY not) has chosen the Dayton Flyers to finish 3rd in the Atlantic-10, behind Xavier & the Fighting Chaney's Dunphy's. (Fighting Dunphy's sounds like a great bar by the way, although it could be a band like the Dropkick Murphys).

Full Release Here

Also garnering accolades..yes I use my thesauras, include Chris Wright as a Preseason 2nd-Team All Atlantic-10 member, as well as Paul Williams to the Preseason Atlantic-10 Rookie Squad.

And the Ship Is Heading Towards The Iceberg

It appears my Muppets reference of Dr. Benson (for Dr. Bunson) is short lived, as Josh Benson, will need a real doctor. Full Report at the Dayton Daily News.

The Cliff notes version: Josh Benson is out 3 to 6 months with a dislocated shoulder.

The Solution: Redshirt Him

The Impact: The Flyers may have the best injured incoming freshman in the nation, with him and Paul Williams. Although, Benson was expected to see playing time and push both Kurt Huelsman and Devin Searcy for playing time, we're not sure exactly how much he was capable of and what he would do to improve this team's play.

It would be poorly managed if the Flyers don't redshirt him immediately, since the best case scenario is that he's healed in 3 months. Healed, not in playing shape in 3 months. Please, please Brian Gregory don't say to yourself "Well there's an off-chance we may need him against Xavier in the 2nd round of the Atlantic-10 Tournament and he could play."

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Meet the New Flyers

As a huge fan of Rocky & Bulwinkle, I've decided that each blog post that I do this season, will have an alternate title a la at the end of each Rocky and Bulwinkle episode (if you have no clue what I'm referencing you need to check it out..Rocky and Bulwinkle were what New Kids on the Block were to Boy Bands...anyways I digress)

The sadness and beauty of college basketball is we say goodbye to old friends after 4 years of service (or 1 if you're Memphis). But when we lose old friends (bye bye B-Rob and Binnie) we say hi to new friends we'll have for 4 years (or 1 year if you're Memphis). So let's meet some new friends when we..

Meet The New Flyers
Change The Mediocrity!

Paul Williams

(I can't figure out why his name is so computer is whacked out)

A shooting guard from the state of Michigan, Paul will compete for the starting shooting guard long as he returns healthy. I just read that last sentence and even I threw up in my mouth. It's never a good sign when one of the top recruits in a class, is already injured. The cliff notes version, is that Paul hurt his foot and will return in a couple of weeks, probably not until half way through the non-conference slate. This is pretty much what Charles Little went through last year.

The most positive aspect of his game is his shooting. Here's a guy who likes to shoot, doesn't mind to shoot and will hustle for his own rebound (just check out his rivals page for his shooting acumen..yes that's a big word). Oh did we mention he plays defense and shot 78% from the free-throw stripe. Plus he's left-handed, which that's always fun.

Rob Lowery

Wearing #3, Rob Lowery will remind you of Ramod Marshall (minus the little kid shooting form from behind the ear..hey it was effective who am I to judge). Lowery for the Flyers will likely see time at point guard (much like Marshall did in his Senior year) as Dayton tries to solidify the point guard position (the ticker on that is going on 5 years now)

The catch on Lowery is that he's a transfer from junior college and UD will only have his services for 2 years since he is well..a junior.

Chris Johnson

The second half of the "Flying Johnson Brothers" (I'm coining that phrase right now), Chris Johnson is a perfect example of the prototypical Michigan State Dayton athlete, 6 foot 5 and quick. A constant rebounder, he'll help spell or compliment Chris Wright as another athletic wing who can leap tall bounds.

Luke Fabrizius

Recruited by Brian Gregory, not just since they went to the same High School, but because he can shoot the 3 ball. Also not afraid to hustle and dive for loose balls, like Paul Williams, is excellent from the free-throw line which obviously fills a need for the Flyers. As a tall lanky forward, he can present match up problems with his outside range. Think of him like Jimmy Binnie, but hopefully much more consistent.

Josh Benson

If Chris Wright was a recruiting steal, than Josh Benson will likely be 2nd right behind him. A product of Dunbar High School in Dayton, Benson averaged a double-double his senior year. Benson isn't afraid to work inside, as well as come back outside presenting match up problems. In the future, he could make a very nice 1-2 punch with Williams, if they can get out on the break, not only to feed inside, but also to kick out to Williams when the interior is not there.

On a side note, can we call him "Dr. Benson" and Luke Fabrizius "Beaker" only because it would be fun to make Muppets references.

Brad McEldowney

Yay the walk-on! Yes, he wears #53, but he will probably not be recognizable like Jim Paxson was when he was #53 (thank you for that nugget!). Let's set the bar low, go for Greg Kohls notoriety and we'll go from there...

Cornell Mann
Ok so he's the new assistant coach from Western Michigan. I mean what can you really preview..I can't tell if he's excellent working with the guards or if his charting skills are excellent. I do know can't go wrong with a Cornell Mann (thank you Andy Bernard).

So that's it for new faces, study them (well in the plutonic sense).

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Welcome Back!!

Ok maybe you didn't go anywhere..but we sure did. At Peanut Butter & A Blanket, we work on extended Congress hours, which means we take summer off and even some of September (just enough time for our baseball teams to fail)

But guess what, like Kotter, we're Welcoming long as I'm not Barbarino or Horshack..I can settle for Mr. Wooman the principal. Anyways I digress..

We've got 4 weeks or so until The Flyers take on the mighty Terriers of Wofford (go Benji!).

So here's the gameplan:

Week of Oct 2oth - Previewing the New Flyers
Week of Oct 27th - The State of Gregory
Week of Nov. 3rd - The Depth Chart
Week of Nov 10th- The Schedule and Predictions.

Ok so I can't speak for the rest of the degenerates that write here (present company included) but this is what I'm shooting for. I didn't tie myself to a certain date or time because 1) I want you to visit every day in anticipation of when it might be posted and 2) My schedule changes (changes..flaky..all the same). Maybe this will kickstart the rest of us here at PB&B.

Let's raise our glasses of Brian Gregory Kool Aid (I prefer Cherry) and toast to a brand new season of Flyers Basketball!!