Saturday, November 29, 2008

Why You Should Hate: Marquette

Tonight, the Flyers will look to earn another win (and maybe make a three pointer) in the Chicago Invitational vs. Marquette. Here are some reasons to hate the Golden Warriors.

  • Who Are They Anyway?!: This team has had more nicknames than Wright State has fans. From Warriors, to Golden Eagles, to Golden Avalanche (my favorite), to Gold, to Hilltoppers, this team can't decide who they want to be. I can understand wanting to switch from the Native American logo and name, but pick something cool. And, no, Gold was not cool. It's the Golden Eagles for now, which just screams "high school."

  • Dwyane Wade: That's not how you spell Dwayne or Duane. Yes, you're a great player. But you lost to UD when you were in school. I should know. I was there. He didn't even lead Marquette in scoring. In that game, a 92-85 overtime win by UD, Ramad Marshall led all scorers with 23 points. (Go Go) D.J. Stelly added 18.

  • The Bradley Center: I spent two years in Wisconsin covering awful high school sports, and I call tell you that covering a game in the Bradley Center sucks. I know no one cares but me, but it's awful to shoot basketball photos there. Fuck that place.

  • Head coach Buzz Williams: No one named Buzz is a good person. Just take Home Alone as an example. That Buzz was a dick, so this Buzz is a dick.

A Win and a Record

I'm pretty excited about last night's win over Auburn. I'm of the mindset that if you beat an SEC team on a neutral court to improve to 5-0 on the season, then you have a lot of reasons to be happy. No, I didn't see the game and I'm sure the Flyers have a lot to work on, but at this point of the season, a win is a win, particularly against a big conference opponent.

So here I was, delighted about the success of the Flyers, when I go to today and see this headline: "Dayton (0-for-24) sets 3-point futility record in win"

While I am sad to see the team go 0-for-24 from behind the arc (and seriously, could the new rule be making that big of a difference, or can this team just not shoot?), I'm still happy that the headline DIDN'T read like this: "Dayton (0-for-24) sets 3-point futility in loss". I will take an ugly win over a strong loss every day of the week.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Why You Should Hate: Auburn

Just like the young man in the above video, I am a hater. I love this video because it's all hate. That is what's great about sports - the blind hate fans have for rival teams. It really gives sports a kick.

Obviously we all hate Xavier, but we UD fans should find reasons to hate all of the Flyers' opponents. As time permits, I will try to give you reasons to work yourself into a hate-filled lather prior to each UD game.

Today's target of hate: Auburn.
On first glance, there's not any specific reason to hate Auburn. They don't play UD often (only twice before today - both UD wins). They're in the deep South, far from A-10 territory. They're not even a basketball-obsessed school.

But there are reasons to hate Auburn. Here are a few:

  • War Eagle: I'm sorry, but War Eagle is just fucking stupid. For those who do not know, War Eagle is not only the school's battle cry and the name of its fight song, but it is also a live mascot. The current War Eagle, named Nova, is the seventh bird to live at Auburn. So why is War Eagle dumb? Because Auburn is the Tigers, not the Eagles. It's just lame.

  • Augie: Augie is the other Auburn mascot. He looks like he rides the short bus.

  • Location: Auburn is in Alabama. No one should have to live in Alabama, let alone choose to live down there.

  • Quantez Robertson: This 6-3, 200-pound senior guard is from Cincinnati. That's not really a great reason to hate Auburn, until you remember Xavier is in Cincinnati. It all comes back to hating Xavier.

  • NCAA Success: The Tigers have won five games in the Big Dance since 1989-90, which is five more than the Flyers have. That's a great reason to hate.

I Just Noticed...

UD is favored by 3.5 over Auburn tonight. This is an indication of 3 things:

1) I have a gambling problem.
2) Auburn must not be very good.
3) But even still, UD is getting a little bit of respect to be favored over an SEC team at a neutral site.

Then again, UD beat Mercer, Mercer beat Auburn, so I guess it makes sense that Dayton is favored. And yes, I took the Flyers giving the points. Hopefully I don't regret it.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Good, Bad and the Ugly

  • With another season of mediocre Big Ten football in the rearview mirror, I now have free time and can focus more on the Flyers.
  • An undefeated start to the season for UD. It hasn't always been pretty, but it's been working. The win over Mercer was especially impressive. The Bears brought wins over Alabama and Auburn to UD Arena, but left with a beatdown.
  • Chris Wright and Chris Johnson.
  • Brian Gregory has done a good job of wearing down opponents by going deep into the bench. I have been on record as a Gregory detractor, but he's done a good job so far this season.
  • The intensity shown by the Flyers this season, as referenced in this Tom Archdeacon column.
  • The move of the A-10 tournament final to CBS starting in 2010. Now if we could only move the tournament back to either Dayton or Cincinnati. You know, where people actually watch basketball.
  • The ZOOperstars. If you don't love the ZOOperstars, you have no soul.


  • The continued inconsisity from the point guard position. I take London Warren in the Warren-Lowrey debate, but I hope to see more maturity out of London as the season moves on.
  • The disappearance of Kurt Huelsman. He's averaging 3.3 points and 5.3 rebounds per game. He lost a bunch of weight in the offseason, and so far, it's not helping.
  • The morons on UD Pride. That's pretty much all of them in case you're counting.
  • The cancellation of Pushing Daisies. Dammit! Just as it's getting good.


  • The new uniforms in person. I know I hit on this subject a lot, but they're just awful. Awful.
  • And they're not original.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

100 wins for BG

So I noticed on today that last night's win was #100 in the career of Brian Gregory. Anytime a coach hits a milestone win like this, I think it's only natural to look at how long it took him to get there. For example, any Joe Schmo can win 100 games if a school is patient enough with him or is in the midst of rebuilding. But if you coach for 9 years before getting win number 100 at a school like St. Bonaventure, does it really matter? If you're only average 12-15 wins a year, then chances are you aren't going to make it to 100 wins, at least not with your first head coaching gig.

Now we look at Gregory. He achieved this milestone win in the 2nd game of his 6th season. He has a career record of 100-60 as of this very moment. So he is just a hair under 20 wins per season. I realize that all of us here at PB&B have high expectations for the Flyers every year. And a lack of postseason (read: NCAA) appearances is not necessarily reflected in a win total.

But my question to all of you: Had I said 6 years ago, when Gregory was hired, that he would average 20 wins a season, would you have been happy? I think most Flyer fans would be happy with that. Rather than an up-and-down type history like the Flyers have had, BG has maintained a certain level of consistency that UD really hasn't enjoyed lately. Is it better to win 20 per year, even if their isn't a rich postseason history, or would you prefer a team that explodes for 2-3 straight NCAA tournaments in a row, but then falls off to sub-.500 records for 4 years after that?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

DOD Memorandum: Remain Calm, All Is Well

I wonder what it is about the early season that makes this blog fall apart? For me, it's the impending gloom of law school exams. I'm up to my eyeballs in textbooks, notes and study guides. The only thing sustaining me is the knowledge that when it's all over, I have every intention of rewarding myself with a couple trips to watch Dayton basketball during the Christmas break (which is, of course, called a 'Winter Break' because I neglected my better judgment and enrolled at a school that isn't run by Catholics for the first time in my life).

At any rate, I figured someone should probably post something on this thing. I have no desire to rehash the first two games of the season, breaking down what I liked (defensive intensity, Searcy making like that scene from 'An Officer and a Gentlemen' with Chris Johnson to carry him off the floor) and didn't like (the speed demon Bobsey twins at point guard, my personal absence from the arena), instead choosing to focus on other nonessentials. You can read the game stories in the DDN tomorrow if you want, but I'd just recommend visiting one of the other fine UD blogs linked to on the right side of this page.

And so, fellow Flyer Faithful, I write to you tonight with a message. It is a message of hope (those seem to be popular these days); it is a message of patience (these are not); and most of all, it is a message of calm. We've seen just two games of the post-Roberts era and few of us know what to think of the season just yet. In attempting to discern what this season might hold, let's break things down in a very simple way, one thing at a time. I'm breaking this down Donald Rumsfeld style.

What We Know That We Know

* The Flyers are 2-0. This is the reverse of one of college basketball's most storied programs, the University of Kentucky, now sitting at 0-2. The Wildcats had one passable loss (UNC) and one basically unacceptable loss (VMI). To further understand what makes that so outrageous and, quite frankly, funny, look here. Please see: Nos. 1 and 339. So remember, we could have already lost to those guys. Then again, I also know that I'd give my right arm in trade if someone told me the Flyers could have seven national titles but we'd have to lose to the cheapest team in college basketball sixty years from now.

* Chris Wright is badass. He was the spark in tonight's game and he will continue to be so in the future. This really goes without saying, but it's fun to be able to write stuff like this about Dayton basketball again.

* The schedule is weak enough that the Flyers will be able to work on offense a great deal between now and the start of A-10 play. I have written off the games against Marquette, Auburn and Creighton as losses. I understand that there are a lot of Flyer fans that don't think I should look ahead to A-10 play and that Dayton should be able to compete with a team like Marquette. I agree we should, but we can't. Against a team like Marquette, you have to control the game and, quite frankly, neither this year or next will we have the requisite point guard play to compete with top-25 talent outside the arena. But that's beside this point. The weak schedule that hometown fans bemoaned upon its release is a blessing for this young team unsure of where it's points are going to come from every night outside of Wright's probably 10+ per game.

What We Know We Don't Know

* Injuries. There, I said it. They destroyed us last year. Can anyone remember the last time the Flyers had a season where injuries didn't play a significant role in a long, disappointing stretch of a season? 2003? Anyway, we have no idea when an injury that really hurts us could happen. I froze for a moment when Chris Johnson didn't get right up during tonight's game. Outiside of Wright and Johnson, this team is very even and we're going to need everybody to find out who is capable of getting points on any given night.

* Just how good is our schedule? The out-of-conference games are nothing to write home about, but only these first couple months will tell us how good the other teams in the Atlantic 10 actually are. And, if it turns out weak, does that work in UD's favor, as a team with young talent, or are we just another part of a jumbled mess of mediocrity?

What We Don't Know That We Don't Know

* Donald Rumsfeld was no idiot. He knew that sometimes even mysteries could be mysteries. There may be things on the horizon that I haven't even anticipated yet that could cause major problems in a game or two this year. Who could possibly have planned for a scenario in which there was a sudden outbreak of flu right before the Xavier game last year?

* The point of this last one is table this thought: this season is going to be insane. I don't know where the bumps in the road are going to come from and I don't know how many sunrises we might see on gamedays this year. Maybe I've just been taking some of the more inane drivel over at UDPride to heart recently, or maybe I've just begun to feel empathy for college coaches because of the mess that Steve Kragthorpe seems to find himself in with football at the school I currently attend, Louisville. In any case, I'd like to invite everyone to sit back, grab a beer and hold on to your armrest as tight as you can. It's going to be an up and down year but I think we'll make it. And remember, we're all in this together.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Thus Spake Lunardi

In the interest of continuing to glean what the rest of the nation thinks about Flyer hoops prior to the start of the season... here's Joe Lunardi's Bracketology from He has us as one of the last four out.

Bracketology 11-12-08

I don't believe he thinks much of the A-10 this year. He's got St. Joe's as one of the "Next Four Out" and puts Temple in as an 11 seed and the the projected conference champ, Xavier, at a 7. Ouch. It doesn't help that the conference which shares the same geographic regions we do (Northeast, Great Lakes) is taking up NINE spots on the bracket. The Big East looks to be a monster this year and those of us outside the Big Conference Club could find our teams on the outside looking in. Hope you're wrong, Joe, you old Hawk.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

1 Vote for the Flyers Making the Tournament

Well there's 1 person in America that thinks the Flyers will make the NCAA Tournament this year. None other than CBS Sportsline's Gary Parrish

Projecting the Field

I like the glass is half-full Gary Parrish. Much better than the glass is half-empty..well everyone.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Maybe It's A Good Thing He Transferred

The police files for former Dayton players continues to grow. And I quote:

"Former University of Dayton player Desmond Adedji was pulled over on the campus of Stony Brook University at 6:15 am on Sunday Morning and charged with Driving Under the Influence"

Full Details Here

Oh Desmond, Desmond..we all know a proven method for masking inebriation is a simple jar of Peanut Butter.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

MMA & Commercials that Suck

Here's some Flyer info to read up on as you're pregaming for the Browns-Broncos game Dayton-Capital game:

Is Devin Searcy the new Kimbo Slice? According to this article he is for the Flyers.

The Flyers were Kung Fu Fighting

If you thought last year's Flyer promotional video was well..awkward, you'll wish they brought back the airplane hangar. Check out this year's early emmy entry for "Cheesy Men's Basketball Promotional Video"

I think we could have come up with better

I haven't forgotten about schedule and Gregory previews..those will be up this weekend. I swear on the neart jar of Jif.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

UD Cribs has returned

So didn't there used to be a show on Flyer TV called UD Cribs? Actually, I don't need to ask that question because I was all over Flyer TV when I was at UD. So I already know that there was indeed a show called UD Cribs. Apparently, has picked up on the luxurious life of UD basketball players. Enjoy the photo gallery below (my personal favorites are the whipped cream in the fridge and the spider man bedsheets).

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Cue the Tecmo Super Bowl Music

Here's some good news on an otherwise dreary Election Day (change "otherwise dreary" to "fantastic" if you tend to lean left)

Paul Williams has returned to practice!

By the way this is where the Tecmo Super Bowl music would come from. You know, when let's say Al Toon would return from an injury and come running out of the hospital prior to the beginning of the game. TANGENT ALERT!!

Was there any better feeling than seeing your player come storming out of the hospital. Anytime the "injury return" music would come on, i'd instantly become happy..admit it you smilied thinking about it. If you have no idea what Tecmo Super Bowl is..well then you never had a childhood. Personally, I'd like to have that music come on anytime I needed a pick me up.

Paul Williams coming back is a good thing and hopefully he can get some work in during the 2 game exhibition season.

By the way for us single avid Flyer fans, the first Exhbition game this Thursday night will be webcasted on