Sunday, February 8, 2009

Charlotte Live Blog -- First Half

Alright, I'm bored. I'll try my hand at a live blog for the UD/Charlotte game. I have the video feed online from, so I'll be listening to the sweet sounds of Mike Hartsock on the play-by-play call. And away we go.....

1:05 PM -- Mickey Perry is starting because the Flyers are still having problems with the flu. This can't be a good sign.

1:07 PM -- The Flyers control the tip, and after good ball movement, Chris Wright was fouled going up for the shot. He makes one of two, but Flyers get the rebound. Huelsman with a lay-up for an early 3-0 lead.

1:09 PM -- Charlotte with two quick buckets to go up 4-3, but Huelsman puts on a nice spin move to draw a shooting foul on Charlotte. Kurt hits one to tie it at 4.

1:10 PM -- Now would be a good time to mention that the streaming video feed doesn't seem to enlarge at all, so I'm watching the video in a 2 by 3 inch window.

1:12 PM -- I have no idea who the color commentator is yet. I'll try to figure it out. In the meantime, Dayton is not playing defense and Mickey Perry has missed two threes and committed a charging foul. Charlotte up 10-7.

1:14 PM -- Warren misses a layup, Searcy gets blocked, but Little comes up with a basket and a foul. Good work on the offensive glass. Dayton down 1 at the first media timeout with a free throw to come after the commercials.

1:17 PM -- Little misses the free throw. That's 3 misses from the charity stripe already by my count.

1:21 PM -- Perhaps the ugliest four minute stretch in basketball history as we hit the under 12 timeout with the game tied at 15. That's right, the two teams combined for five points in the last four minutes.

1:22 PM -- Apparently the live stream from closes if you are "inactive" for a certain period of time. This is stupid! I'm watching a freaking game! What do they want me to do, click on the screen every 2 minutes? Lame.

1:24 PM -- Three NBA scouts are in the house today apparently. The broadcasters joke that they are here to listen to them, not scout any of the players. Sadly, that might be accurate. In the meantime, UD has committed two more fouls to get up to 6 in the half.

1:26 PM -- London goes coast to coast for an easy layup and the 17-15 lead.

1:26 PM -- And Charlotte answers with a three, followed by a UD turnover. 18-17 Charlotte.

1:28 PM -- Chris Johnson with a bucket and the foul. He hits the free throw to give him nine points and tie the game at 20.

1:30 PM -- Apparently UD can't shoot free throws today. Lowery just misses a pair, and they are now 3-of-8 from the line. Horrible.

1:31 PM -- A three by Lamont Mack triggered this exchange:
color guy: "Mr. Lamont Mack with his third three-pointer of the game"
Hartsock: "That's Mack's second three-pointer giving him eight points."
You gotta love WHIO.

1:36 PM -- Big dunk for Chris Wright to put UD back out in front 26-25 approaching the under four timeout.

1:37 PM -- Hartsock: "Interesting that Dayton has been on six fouls for a while, and there's a whistle away from the ball." Yep, that's a foul on the Flyers. Nice jinx there Mike.

1:38 PM -- Good steal by Searcy, and Marcus gets fouled on the other end to put the Flyers on the line after the commercial break.

1:40 PM -- Marcus makes the first, misses the second, but Chris Johnson cleans up the miss with a dunk. Charlotte answers with a 3. Flyers by 1.

1:42 PM -- Chris Wright airballs a free throw. Always good for a chuckle.

1:45 PM -- Charles Little with a "runner" according to Hartsock. To everyone else watching, it was a "turn-around jump shot". Flyers by 4.

1:47 PM -- After a three point play by Charlotte, Chris Wright takes a shot to the head and is still down. The commentators think it was Huelsman that may have got him. There's nothing worse than seeing one of your players laying on the court with trainers around him. Thankfully he gets up and walks off under his own power. Flyers by 1 with 1:14 to go in the half and possession.

1:50 PM -- Huelsman misses a free throw (go figure). Lane violation on Charlotte. Huelsman misses again followed by Chris Johnson committing a stupid foul on the rebound. This game is getting ugly fast.

1:50 PM -- Bobby Lutz picks up a technical foul. He was upset about the foul called on Huelsman, but waits to get his T until after UD commits a foul. Now UD leads by 3 after the two free throw makes, with Charlotte going back to the line on the other end with a one-and-one opportunity.

1:52 PM -- Luke Fab-Three-Zius just drains a long ass three. I'm stunned. UD wastes the last shot of the half but takes a four point lead into the half. It probably should be a one or two point game, but Lutz with the technical foul was really stupid. Be back in 20 minutes for the 2nd half.


baskiceball said...

I'm sure this will jinx it, but the WHIO TV feed is actually working today. Maybe the flunkie who normally runs the feed is also at home with the flu?

Stonemill said...

I thought Charlotte had a bigger fan base. There's no one at this game.

Stonemill said...

So now Kurt Huelsman isn't hurting the team in an overall sense, he's actually injuring his teammates.

Uncreative Commuter said...

Fabrizius made a three? Time to sit him down. He's New Binnie, good for one three a game and that's about it offensively.

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