Saturday, February 21, 2009

St. Louis 57, Dayton 49

Damn this man and his uncanny ability to control the tempo of a game.

The Flyers shot 30 percent from the field, 26 percent after halftime. A game like that against the insanely annoying Billikens is not all that unexpected. It just would have been nice to pull out a win.

What do we think this means in terms of bracketology? 


DiSab said...

It's hard to say, I don't think it's gonna have that big of an effect on our chances in the Dance. SLU's a decent team, especially at home. I think our remaining schedule will make or break our chances. URI is a toss-up. I'm not too sure how well they've done this season, but they are fourth in the conference currently. We need to beat Temple. If we don't, our chances of getting to the Dance will depend on us winning out in Atlantic City. I'm not confident about the Xavier game. I really don't think we can win there, but with this schizophrenic team, anything can happen.

Uncreative Commuter said...

It probably means very little right now, but this loss could quickly turn into four in a row.

at Rhode Island
vs. Temple
at Xavier

UD could easily lose all three and put itself clearly back on the bubble. I think you have to win the first two. I'm not going to buy UD winning at Xavier because it hasn't happened in my lifetime.

That makes the URI and Temple games huge.

I had a bad feeling about last night, especially when the Chris Johnson injury news broke. I have no idea why the Flyers cannot run with success. It was a typical UD loss - no offense for long spurts, horrible foul shooting, no inside presence at all - you know the usual.

Yet I'm not going to hit the panic button. I'm going to look for it and have it ready for Wednesday, but I'm not hitting it yet.

Adam said...

We're going to lose both our remaining road games and win both home games. That's the Flyer way.

Our hold on the dance is strong, and will remain strong if my scenario plays out. The last four opponents have a combined record of 72-31. The SOS will plummet well below 100, maybe even as low as 80. 25 wins with an SOS under 100 and you go. No questions asked.

Should we drop a home game and finish 1-3...a win in AC should keep us safely in, probably as a 9-10 seed.

Howeva, I think we're going to win the A10 tourney making bubble talk irrelevant. When you're playing games on consecutive days, depth becomes a huge factor, as does being able to forget what happened yesterday. Look at what we did to Marquette in the second half of a back to back scenario, after the crapped that was the Auburn win. I have a Ben Crenshaw like good feeling about Atlantic City.

ntink said...

As a rhody fan i think rhody will beat UD and then UD will beat X and Temple. It is probabably just me being a rhody fan though. i think the A-10 tourney 1st round buys will be as follows: 1. UD (tiebreaker over X) 2. X (tiebreaker over Rhody) 3. Rhody ( again i am a Rhody fan) 4. Temple. i say temple rhody Finals. Temple beats X. Rhody beats UD.