Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Why You Should Hate Xavier

• Daytonians who went to Xavier - I would never actually wish ill on a person. I may be full or rage, but even I have my limits. Having said that, however, I wouldn't feel that bad if perhaps something not that serious (yet still painful) happened to players like Derrick Brown and Romain Sato. If you lived in Dayton and chose to go to Xavier, fuck you. Don't even come back up I-75.

• They're on Fox Sports Ohio like all the time. To watch UD games here in Columbus, I have to pull out my laptop and hope it's on ChannelSurfing.net

• The Blue Blob. It could be the worst mascot in all of college sports (right up there with the Stanford tree) (UC note: This was a submission and I have to admit that I kinda disagree about the Tree. He even gets wasted!).

• D'Artigan. Is he French? I have no idea, but I do know he's lame. He's probably a sex offender, too.

• Stanley "Hammer Time" Burrell. With that name, you should shut the fuck up and play basketball. But no, he also had to be the whiniest bitch ever. Here's how much I hate Stanley Burrell. I DVR'd Xavier's NCAA loss to UCLA - just so I can watch Burrell cry at the end of it. Yes, I still have it saved.

• They were the losers at the end of We Are Marshall.

• UD hasn't beaten Xavier since 2006. The last UD recipient of the Blackburn-McCafferty MVP Trophy? Norman Plummer! Let that one just soak in for a little bit. Before Plummer it was Marques Bennett.

• Those three losses against Xavier last year may not have kept UD out of the tournament on their own, but they sure didn't help.

• David Fucking West. Enough said.

• Still haven't won at Xavier in my lifetime. And I'm 27.

• Justin Gage Cage. He's a graduate of Pike High School in Indianapolis. Do you know who else is? Me.

• They've been to the Elite Eight twice since the turn of the century. UD still hasn't won a tournament game since the first Stanley Burrell was relevant. Does that seem like jealous? Damn right it is. There's no difference between UD and Xavier on the surface. The schools are basically identical.

• This crap always breaks their way:

• Last year at Xavier. Remember how great it was when UD was ranked in the top 20? Yeah, that didn't last long. I remember being really excited for the game and going to the Columbus alumni game watch. The Future Mrs. and I left after halftime. We won't be attending the game watch tomorrow.

• Because of the feeling of dread I have. I'm not going into tomorrow all that confident. I want the Flyers to win and I'm going to cheer from home (thanks, alumni chapter for not having the bus trip this year, that's just great), but I can't shake the feeling of impending doom I have every time UD plays Xavier now. I'm hoping for the best, but I'm expecting a 30-point loss. If that's not a good enough reason to hate Xavier, I don't know what is.


DiSab said...

I don't feel all too confident either. As much as I want to think we'll win, I just don't think it's going to happen. I'm not going to the game, but I'll be watching it at BW3s (if I can get a seat...). To even have a shot, I'd guess we would need to be at least within 5 at half, or it's just going to be the last 2 years repeated yet again.

Ledgewood said...

stuff like that always goes xu's way? name one other time.

its justin cage. not gage.

i cannot even begin to describe how sad it is that you still have the elite 8 game to watch stanley burrell cry... he's an emotional guy who was crying that his days as a Musketeer were done, not because he lost.

jealousy can be such an ugly thing.

Johnny said...

^ Yes it is. And you will not find any rational person on this site calling it anything else.

Defeat the Menace. Go Flyers.

Uncreative Commuter said...

I never said it wasn't jealousy. It totally is and no one is denying it.

And I watched Hammer Time cry again today.

FYI, no live blog from me today. I'm going to watch and not blog angry in case it doesn't go well. Or I won't blog elated if things do go well.

Ledgewood said...

I know you said it was jealousy.

But I am an atheist who likes dirty jokes and drinks too much, and I am offended and slightly disturbed at the fact that you get pleasure out of watching a team go far in the tournament to watch someone be emotional that his life with his team is over. It's kind of creepy.

I know there are XU fans that HATE UD almost as much as you guys sincerely hate us, but I don't get people who root for other A10 teams to go down in tournament games against bigger opponents. I was cheering full heartedly for UD against OSU in the NIT last year. And if it was UD in the Elite 8 against some perennial powerhouse like UCLA, a team that doesn't even hang final four banners, I would be rooting for the Flyers.

However, I don't judge for rooting against us in those situations, but the whole getting off on Stanley's emotional display is just plain disturbing.

Like I said, I know you said you were jealous of X's relatively recent success over Dayton's. I understand it and I would be too if it was the other way around. I was simply stating how ugly it was getting.

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