Friday, March 6, 2009

Good, Bad and Awful

(I'm glad Marcus Johnson isn't a senior)


- The game probably doesn't mean much in terms of the NCAA picture. It's just a loss to a ranked team on the road.
- UD still controls its destiny in terms of getting an A-10 bye.
- None of the players got hurt.
- Marcus Johnson (19 points) Charles Little (11) and Chris Wright (10) tried.
- The game was over early enough so that I could watch my DVR'd episode of 30 Rock.

- Kurt Huelsman: I'm done explaining it.
- Luke Fabrizius: When the Flyers need him to play minutes that matter (10 last night) they'd fucked. Xavier puts a rock in the locker of the player who its coaching staff deems did not do a good job "defending the rock." Fabrizius should have a road cone in his locker today because that's all he was defensively.
- Every time the Flyers made a run, they'd do something stupid. Whether it was a bad offensive possession capped with a shot that had no chance of going in or playing 35 seconds of good defense only to give up an offensive rebound, whatever the worst thing they could do was they did.

(Either a missed shot or - most likely - a pump fake that will turn into a pass)

- The pregame bullshit. You haven't won at Xavier since Jimmy Fucking Carter was in office. Shut the fuck up.
- The bench points? Xavier 31, UD 16. Ugh.
- Second-chance scoring? Xavier 26, UD 7. Fucking seven.
- Watching Xavier cut down the nets after another A-10 title.
- Foul trouble: Huelsman wasted no time getting into foul trouble and Chris Wright and London Warren was on the bench too much as well. I felt UD got almost all of the close calls when it came to charges/blocks when Xavier was at UD Arena. Xavier got all of them last night.
- And, yes, the uniforms. It was fitting they wore black because they played like they were at a fucking funeral. I don't care if the players like them or not. Fucking burn them, scoop up the ashes and bury them 20 feet underground and never speak about them again.


Jersey said...

I kept getting confused cause I'm so used to X being in Black.

ledgewood said...

i think the unis woudl have been 100 times better if they used the regular blue instead of that baby blue. it did not go well with the black...

Uncreative Commuter said...

Actually, if you have to go with black, the lighter blue is a better tough, IMO.

Uncreative Commuter said...

tough = touch

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Reagan in office in '81?

Uncreative Commuter said...


Yes, but not until late January 1981. Carter was still technically in office on Jan. 10, 1981.

/political science minor

Frank Igoudala Lives! said...

For the record..the Luke Fabrizius road cone comparison..classic. I almost spit out the water in my mouth after reading it.

I would have described it as my defense in a basketball can have the baseline all game long

Secaur said...

I disagree on the pregame stuff. I've seen too many Flyers teams/players go into that gym and look scared shitless. We always seem to be overwhelmed (not to mention overmatched) when we play at X. This team was not scared of that team, of that gym, of their banners hanging from the roof. It was nice to see a team that was a) not inimidated and b) genuinely hates Eggzaver as much as I do.

That said, none of it matters when you don't back it up on the court. Giving up 40 points in the first half when you only gave up 58 the whole game at UD? Weak.

DiSab said...

If those black unis ever see the light of day again, it'll be too soon.

If Only said...

Was it just me or did none of Kurt's shots even make it above the rim? Why do you still bother?

Luke Fab: 0-0 3FG, 0-0 FG
I guess since you weren't looking to shoot the ball (i.e. jacking up 3's anytime you touch the ball), we can assume that you were concentrating on giving your best defensive effort? You need to either sleep in the weight room this summer - putting on 30lbs of Charles Little muscle - and man up... or, join my 3rd grade YMCA team where just being taller than the other guy did actually constitute as good defense.