Thursday, March 19, 2009

Road Trip Part 1 (aka why I'll never live in Indiana or Chicago)

Greetings from Arlington Heights, Ill., where the Future Mrs. and I have stopped from lunch (Panera, bitches. Try the tomato soup.) We left suburban Columbus at 8:45 a.m. and our GPS said the trip to Minnesota would take more than 12 hours (the arrival time is CST). We may not make it all the way today, but we're going to get close.

Here's a photo I took at a red light in Lima, Ohio. We passed by the stadium further down the road. I guess it's the home of the Fighting Beans.

This sign straight up lied to me.

For good karma for tomorrow, we decided to drive past the campus of Valparaiso - a mid-major that posted a big upset years ago. The stop sign is in the way, naturally. By the way, Indiana is still as fucking boring as I remember.

Ah, the downtown Chicago skyline. Chicago's nice if you're walking. If you're driving, it's awful. I'm actually glad I'm not driving this weekend. The Future Mrs. is a far more agressive driver. I'm too passive for Chicago.
I'll post again if we stop somewhere with WiFi or if our hotel has WiFi.


Jersey said...

I'd like to apologize for laughing at the middle point joke. I feel like a little less of a man for it.

sancho said...

if you've got time to kill and it's time for a meal, go to the lion's tap in eden prairie. all they sell are burgers and you won't be disappointed.

16180 Flying Cloud Drive
Eden Prairie, MN 55347

Uncreative Commuter said...


Thanks for the suggestion, but we're meeting some of my fiancee's relatives (who live in Minneapolis) downtown after the game and they've already decided where we're going apparently.