Thursday, March 19, 2009

Road Trip Part 2 (aka getting ready for tomorrow)

No pictures. I put my camera away after the stop at Panera.

Greetings from Menomonie, Wis., which I didn't know existed until an hour ago. The Future Mrs. and I have stopped here, roughly 90 minutes from the Metrodome, for the night. We'll be up extra early tomorrow and on our way to Bloomington, where our hotel for Friday night is, then it's on to the Dome.

I still don't have a feeling for the game. This won't be my first NCAA tournament game in person, but it is my first UD tournament game. I want them to win, obviously, and I think they can. But I know deep down WVU may be better. I just want both games I see (NDSU/KU and UD/WVU) to be close and entertaining. And a Flyer win would just be fucking fantastic.

I'll try to post again after the game.

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