Friday, March 20, 2009

Road Trip Part 3 (aka Greatest. Trip. Ever.)

Your new desktop background. You're welcome, by the way. What an awesome day. UD won a NCAA Tournament game. And I was there! Here's a quick rundown of my first ever day in Minnesota.

The Future Mrs. and I got up early and drove from Menononie, Wis., to Bloomington in Minnesota. That's where our hotel for tonight is. We couldn't check in when we got there (we really didn't think they would, but we tried. We then drove to the Mall of America and parked there. We then took the Light Rail to downtown Minneapolis. By the way, the Light Rail is a great idea that more cities should adopt. By the way, this is a photo I took from the car. I believe this is St. Paul, not Minneapolis.

A photo I took right when I got off the Light Rail in front of the Metrodome. It's flipping cold in Minnesota. And windy.

The sign in front of the dome promoting Friday's games.

The view from Sect. 6. The Metrodome is nice enough, but I don't know why they put it here. It's too big and even the good seats are far away.

The North Dakota State Bison. The crowd in the dome was probably 80 percent NDSU. I joked that everyone in the state must be here. I'm not sure I wasn't on to something.

Kansas fans hate Missouri.

The Jayhawks outlasted a very game NDSU team. The game was remarkably competitve in person. Not sure how it translated on TV.

Holy shit! I'm at a UD tournament game! I honestly did not take that many photos during the game (too into it). I tried to take a couple of videos during timeouts. I'll try to add them another time.

Dr. Willie Morris hamming for the camera. Of course he wore this suit. The Kansas band (in the background) totally loved the suit, though.

After the win, Brian Gregory and Chris Wright were interviewed by Len Elmore. How awesome.
I can't get over what a great day it has been. I'm watching the late games (OSU in 2OTs!) and drinking some Sam Adams White Ale. It's a great cap to an awesome day. I have no voice. My head hurts. I have spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars this week. Unfortunately I won't be here on Sunday. Real life beackons on Monday. That, and the good people at Enterprise would be pissed if the car didn't make it back.
But I wouldn't change a thing. I saw the Flyers win in the NCAAs. How awesome is that?!
Finally, I'll leave you with some game thoughts:
- Chris Wright > Everyone. That is all.
- What about Charles Little today?! Someone wore his Daddy Pants this afternoon. After watching him struggle around the rim all season, he found it today. A big effort by the senior.
- I spent a lot of my voice yelling at Kurt Huelsman to finish inside. He rarely did. His only basket was a goaltend of a shot that had no chance of going in. But his rebounding late was nothing short of clutch. As loud as I yelled when he frustrated me on Friday, I yelled even louder for him in the end.
- I like London Warren the more I watch him mature. Thomas did fine. Perry struggled, but oh well.
- A big thank you to the alumni association for passing out the towels the UD contingent was waving during the game. The Future Mrs. and I got ours at halftime. Pretty cool.
- After the NDSU/KU game, most of the Bison fans left. That allowed us to sit with the UD fans gathered near center court, which was awesome. Especially because no one checked our tickets.


sancho said...

yes that would be st. paul

god i wish i were there...

DiSab said...

Good call on the beer.

djatennis said...

great shot of willie morris posing for the camera. nothing better than seeing him on national tv!

DiSab said...

Agreed. Willie knows how to do a tourney game in style.

That scoreboard pic is, in fact, my background. Thanks for that. ;-)

Future Mrs. said...

The best part was Dr. Willie interacting with the Kansas band that can be seen to the right. They loved them some Dr. Willie Morris. They kept asking him to pose for pictures.

Anonymous said...

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