Monday, December 7, 2009

I Wish I Were Rich

My Dad, who knows everyone apparently, gave me lower bowl tickets for UD's recent rout of Lehigh that he got from a friend. The game wasn't great, but these seats were. After graduation, I've been stuck in the 400 level and it was great to be close again. Here are a couple of photos I took before my battery died. I really wish I had charge the battery so I could have gotten a photo of the melonin-deficient end of the game.

Not only were the seats great, but the tickets came with a parking pass. That meant I could actually park near the arena instead of in the St. Bonaventure lot.


Anonymous said...

Rob's return sparked the start of a great season. Forget all that passed prior to this game, we win out from this point!

Mr. O'Brien said...

Was that picture of BG yawning taken before or during the white out?