Thursday, May 28, 2009

Philadelphia Woman Channels Sammy Smith

At least Sammy had the decency not to involve any small children or Flyers teammates.

Authorities already had their doubts about Bonnie Sweeten's elaborate abduction story. But it completely fell apart when police learned they had all sorts of surveillance camera pictures of Sweeten and her 9-year-old daughter, Julia, boarding a flight bound for Orlando, Florida.

Less than two hours after Sweeten said she was calling 911 from the trunk of a Cadillac and that she and her daughter had been abducted, security cameras at Philadelphia International Airport captured images of the two boarding a plane for Orlando. Law enforcement sources say they were boarding the plane without coercion.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Some More Early Love for the Flyers

This one from someone who covers St. Joes in Pennsylvania:

1. Dayton- A team that went under the radar nationally for much of the year, Dayton won 27 games last season, including a win over West Virginia in the NCAA Tournament. The Flyers will look to take one more step and win a regular season title in the Atlantic 10 this season. The pieces are certainly in place, as the only regular contributor that the Flyers lose is Charles Little. Little was a steady player as a power forward, but the Flyers are a relatively deep squad which will be predicated on defense. The one recruit brought in by Brian Gregory, who earned himself a contract extension after another solid season, is Matt Kavanaugh, a 6’9 forward/center. It is likely that he will be able to contribute right away as a member of the rotation. If there was ever a year for Dayton to knock Xavier off of their perch, its this season.

Notice the number one in front of Dayton. Yes, he has picked UD to win the A-10.