Monday, December 14, 2009

What's Acceptable?

Dayton has played most, if not all, of their tough non-conference matchups. They currently have a win over a good Georgia Tech team, two losses to good BCS caliber opponents, and a handful of other uninspired wins against mostly weaker competition. Our beloved Flyers are looking at a 7-2 record through nine games, with five non-conference games remaining.

Here's the remaining non-conference schedule with records and RPI rank (according to as of 12/14/09.

vs. Presbyterian (2-8, RPI 284)
vs. Applachian State (5-4, RPI 190)
vs. Boston University (4-6, RPI 148)
@ New Mexico (10-0, RPI 8)
vs. Ball State (3-4, RPI 232)

I think it goes without saying that the Flyers have to win the remaining four home games. The question becomes the New Mexico game. Are you willing to forgive a loss to the Lobos on their home floor? Would you be satisfied with an 11-3 non-conference record?

Or do you think the New Mexico game is a must-win, since it is two non-BCS schools going head-to-head?

While I want the Flyers to win out certainly, I would accept a close loss to New Mexico. I would gladly take an 11-3 record into the conference schedule. The Nova loss is fine, and the Kansas State loss keeps looking better and better as they rattle off more and more wins.

Your thoughts?

Monday, December 7, 2009

I Wish I Were Rich

My Dad, who knows everyone apparently, gave me lower bowl tickets for UD's recent rout of Lehigh that he got from a friend. The game wasn't great, but these seats were. After graduation, I've been stuck in the 400 level and it was great to be close again. Here are a couple of photos I took before my battery died. I really wish I had charge the battery so I could have gotten a photo of the melonin-deficient end of the game.

Not only were the seats great, but the tickets came with a parking pass. That meant I could actually park near the arena instead of in the St. Bonaventure lot.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Dayton vs. Lehigh Official Prediction Thread

I'd like to say I'd do a live blog of Dayton vs. Lehigh today at two, but I won't.

Need reasons?

1) It's not on TV anywhere near where I live.
2) While I could listen to the streaming audio feed, it's hard to live blog a radio broadcast.
3) It just doesn't compete with other things I want to watch today, most notably UC/Pitt in football, UK/UNC in basketball, and Florida/Bama in football.

A few notes:

-UD should win this game big. Richmond beat Lehigh by 12; Stony Brook handed them a 19-point defeat. I'll take the Flyers by 6.

-Lehigh's team nickname is the Mountain Hawks. I'm envisioning the annoying St. Joe Hawk standing on top of a mountain, flapping his wings. I hate that stupid Hawk.

-I realize that not a lot of people pay attention to this, but it's worth pointing out that UD's women team is in the top 25 for the first time in school history. They beat #10 Michigan State to start the season, and also took out a ranked Purdue team on their way to a 7-1 start. Congrats to Jim Jabir and the players.

Add your thoughts or predictions in the comments.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

M Is For Mediocre

It wasn't pretty - as usual - but the Flyers defeated Miami last night at Millett Hall. I'm sure you've probably checked out the DDN or watched the game on TV or online, so I'll save you all the recapy stuff. Instead, here are just some things I noticed from the short road trip my wife and I took.

- Holy crap is the drive from Columbus to Oxford awful. Actually, it's not bad until you pass Dayton. Then it's a matter of traversing on dark, rainy (in yesterday's case) rural highways until you get there. I think I had forgotten who awful the trek was.

- This was my third UD road game against a MAC school, and Millett Hall was the worst of the three. The first trip was to Akron last year, and while James A. Rhodes Arena looks like a large high school gym, the sight lines are fine and the atmosphere is OK. Toledo's basketball team sucked last year and sucks now, but Savage Hall is pretty nice. It's a clear No. 1 for me. Good seats, the rows are built up instead of on a slight slope (which puts you far from the action). Unfortunately, Millett Hall was bad. I didn't have high hopes. I knew it was a multipurpose facility, but it's just not good. First our seats didn't have a good angle, as you can tell from the blurry photo my wife took with her phone. You can't hear the PA announcer, the crowd noise seemed off. It was just a little disappointing. Miami has a pretty campus, but not a good basketball facility.

- As for the game, it was pretty much what I expected. UD would struggle out the game (and an 18-6 deficit counts) but would come back and probably win. The final couple of possessions were nervewracking, but it's just what I've come to expect for a Brian Gregory led team. They won't blow anyone out. At least it doesn't seem that way.

- Why does this team need to bleed its own blood this season before they start trying? The Flyers fell behind 18-6 before climbing back into it.

- Kurt Huelsman may have had his best game in a long time. At least in games I've been at. He actually wanted the ball and seemed to know what he wanted to do with it when he got it. Same could be said of young Josh Benson in his limited action.

- Charlie Coles still looks like the Cryptkeeper. He's still a great coach, though.

- Miami was led early by Kenny Hayes, who is probably in his 30s by now. I read that he's a fifth-year senior, but I'm pretty sure that's a typo. It feels like was at Miami when I was still at UD, and I graduated in 2004.

- To call the crowd last night "late arriving" would be an understatement. The Miami fans arrived late and basically sat on their hands for most of the game. That was only after they got done standing in my sight line for most of the first half.

- A note to the unfortunately dumbass majority of UD's fanbase. Stop saying "Luuuuke" and save your love for a player that brings consistent value to the team. The fans should love Chris Johnson like UD Pride posters love unrealistic expectations. Chris Johnson is my man crush and I don't care who knows it.

- When my wife and I went to Minneapolis last season for the NCAA Tournament, I told her that Charles Little wore the Daddy Pants in the win against West Virginia, so in his honor, each game I'm going to give out the Charles Little Daddy Pants Player of the Game. It may not be the best player on the court, but the one who steps it up when he's needed. Thus, the first winner of Los Pantalones del Padre is London Warren for his final two free throws. I was fairly certain he'd miss, and I'm really happy he didn't.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Good Times

I will make my first trip to Millett Hall tonight to watch the Flyers and RedHawks. I hope UD won't need this type of miracle, but who knows?

As for the game itself, it really seems like this is one that UD should win, but it never really works out that way. The Flyers have only won in Oxford three times since 1984, which is only slightly better than the zero times they've won at Xavier in my lifetime.

Charlie Coles will have his team ready as usual, and Miami will probably make 3/4 of their three-pointers because that's what always seems to happen against UD this season. Hopefully the Flyers can weather the storm and leave with the victory.

I've only been to Miami's campus once. It was with a good friend of mine who was meeting his girlfriend. We were both students at UD at the time and his lady was a Miami student. Seemed like a nice enough campus. I know the whole "popped collar" Miami stereotype, but I didn't see it that day. Doesn't mean it's not true, though.

This also be another stop on "MAC World Tour" I started last year with my wife. We went to the games in Toledo and Akron last year.